A new game : "Cyclades" in french (New little demo)

Hi, I work on it for a long time, and it’s not finish.

I would like to do an original gameplay inspired by game as Diablo, Titan Quest, Zelda and other rpg and MMO.

It’s a Hack’n slash at the 3rd person, it takes place in the archipelago named “Cyclades” in french (I don’t know the english name, sorry) during the 6th or 5th century AD.
So, you wil be able to use some hoplite weapons as sword, spear, shield, armor and helmet.
But the big part of the gameplay is the possibility to use boat as trade boat or trireme to travel between island and defend or attack commercial road. So it includes naval battle.
Then there is 12 island, 6 nations “playable”, plus 2, Athenes and Persians.
So you will have a popularity meter with the different nation.

Now, the story.
It’s quite simple, you’re a greek mercenary, and you work for the more offering… for the moment.
You’ll meet a lot of people and monster, you’ll have to travel a lot and fight a lot too.

For the moment I’m working on the first island called “NAXOS” and for the moment particulary on a city with the same name.

Some screenshots





Don’t be scared by the fps, it turns normaly between 60 and 40 fps, if, there, it’s slow that was because I have a lot of programs running behind.

Very good mon ami. Needs shading of some sort. Looks pretty good from here!

What do you mean with “shading of some sort”?

I’ve already looked apricot and glsl, but for the moment I try to make the best with le less…

this looks like it should be fun.

A++ on the naval battles :slight_smile:

looks cool!

My only suggestion at this point would be to put some clouds in the sky. I like the mist effect, but having no clouds in the sky makes it look empty to me.

Yes it’s true, and I’m working on.

Hey I’ve done a little demo. There is some bug, as the vertex painting, it desapear in runtime (it explain the white sky, don’t be affrayd by it).

Please don’t use rapid share, it stinks. use mediafire.com or something like that.

I’m downloading anyway, I’ll give feedback

I’ve forget the commands, I use arrow key and mouse, A switch to the bow, and E switch to the sword

On mediafire :

He doesn’t mean GLSL. Use lightmaps and the render bake feature to shade and light your scenes.

Yes I know I can use baking, but that say I have to use huge texture. But, I’ve already used vertex painting to simulate the AO and lighting.

Thanks for uploading to mediafire :smiley: I don’t have to wait 49 seconds.

It’s a little hard to control, if you have mouse view I would make the control keys WASD, and make the guy a bit more centered, ya know?

yes I will work on it (for the camera, I was inspired by the witcher^^) so, for the control, I well see what can I do, because I’m left handed, but don’t worry I will fix that.

maybe send me the .blend if you need help mail me

Jordon why do you want everyone’s blends?

this is exactly the style of game im making, but you are farther along than me, (trying to make a game and learn python at the same time). I’d be glad to help you in anything you need…

i wanan learn from them as if theres no tutorials on them you cant learn

There’s no problem with a low fps (most commercial games usually run between 20-39 fps), the only real issue is if that value fluctuates a lot, like if it keeps jumping between 40 and 60. Otherwise you won’t notice it at all. For example my game runs at a cap frame of 25, and it looks fine. in fact the lower frame rate makes it look a bit more professional, much in the way they it works for movies.

I know some game wich I have 60-20fps… but I would like to know how can I optimise my game.