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A new forum with information on how you can help and what you can do to make a mmorpg for the whole world to play for free. We need 3d modelers, programers, and everything in between. Check it out and sign up for free. Also upload some rendered images of your 3d models now in our open gallery and post your ideas in our forums.
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Just a little friendly advice:
have you just started using Blender? If so, then I would strongly disagree with you making a MMORPG since they are extremely hard. try something easier first, like a game where you try to get your character to the finish without hitting or falling into the obstacles. those are pretty easy and a lot of fun!


This is going to turn into just another “I’m gonna make a MMORPG” post.

Don’t, you will fail if you’re brand new to Blender and don’t have programming knowledge, spare yourself the ridicule you’ll get if you actually try something this big, please.