A new game project (UPDATED, new idea)

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything on this except for an idea. I have updated the project and have some screenshots to show you guys. I have decided to maybe base it off of my Python game series, FireWolves. If you guys have any ideas for any changes to the game, go ahead and post them. For screenshots, click here.

The black plane behind the objects is a textured mesh with stars for a texture (rendered an empty scene with a different world and used that). Like I said, if you have any ideas, post em’ :slight_smile:

Notice: The site may not have any pictures or screenshots on it because the internet browser stopeen responding. I’ll try to put these on soon.


Well, post screenshots of what you have so far.

Any more information,cause I don’t imagine most people will want to help if they have no clue what there helping to make. Good luck with what ever it turns out to be though.

Modeling tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvDxiGmsmMM&feature=related

http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/ This site has tutorials, textures(normals and regular), free models(not too many though), python explanation, demos, and explains logic bricks.

Hope this helps. . .

A few tutorials in my signature. Free textures as well. Good luck, and welcome to the forum.

I have a bunch of tutorials on my youtube channel in my signature, I have a new series on Game Development for beginners, so if you want you can check them out. I also have the bare basics of Python on there so you can learn how to program :slight_smile:

Please post screenshots to see your current progress, unless you haven’t started, in which case, get something to show what you can do! :stuck_out_tongue:


Gee, they need to have e-mail alerts. By the way, I’m sorry, but I am unable to give you any of those because I don’t have any. :frowning: Man, I really didn’t plan this well, did I? I’m sorry, guys. Hope I can get SOMETHING done on this project for you guys. Can’t access the internet in Windows and don’t have Blender in Linux because it is so slow. I’m really sorry about this, guys. :frowning: Might be able to do this by Monday.

Sorry, I don’t have anything prepared. I probably should not have posted this without anything. Sorry, guys. I’m gonna work real hard on this and get back to you on monday. Sorry again, guys! :frowning:

It’s alright - as long as you will have something soon, then the thread can remain here, as the project is a ‘Work In Progress’.

Take a look at my game engine speed list, in my sig. Important info to know while you plan your game.