a new home... (cell shaded now)

mr hrmit crap is moving house :wink: , is it just me or do the claws look odd?


I think maybe they are too fleshy?

They look kinda lumpy, try smoothening them out.

didi some work on the claws, improovment?


Much better IMO :smiley:

mr hrmit crap is moving house


Definitely, still missing something though. :-?

ive been doing a bit more work on herbert…(yes i named it), but there are bits and bobs that im nt sure about i just cant put my figer on it, and C&C welcome.


ah, now I understand your concept… and I like it !

It needs antennae…

does anyone think this concept is better than the last pic?


I’d vote for the first one, where its eyes are coming out of the box-lid.

I liked the first one better as well. Just make the box lid openings a little better.

humerous. play with the box, i needs to be about someting special.

i re-did the holes in the box and i tryed out some texturing, i quite like the way it looks but im nt sure wehter it will suite the style of a hermit crab living in a box so i was hoping for some feed back on that.

, i needs to be about someting special.

im nt quite sure what you mean cekuhnen… please expand on that if you can.

but anyway, here a pic of a texture experiment on the box, and crab with it.


Your texture is mirrored. Love the concept though

Although i’m against smoking I love this one, the idea is great and he is so sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work, just keep it going :wink:

could some one please tell me how to sort this out? im nt sure why but on the flip side of the cigerete box the texture is…well…backwards, i tihnk someone pointed this out before with the old texture but i didnt really pick up on it.

(and p.s, does anyone prefer the old texture or the new one???)


oh, being a smoker(and knowing what the different types of cigs are) i would go for Lucky strikes :]

Luckys have been around for so long and are known internationally. if you can find a good lucky’s texture(higher resolution) it would be awesome !

ok, i redid the lucky strike texture and sorted out the mirrored back (you were right nehpets :slight_smile: lucky’s rule). ive also been playing with the mesh a bit, im still not really entirly happy with it. i was hoping for some feed back on the textures, the ones on the crab itself are only tests but i wanted to see what you guys thought of them anyway. so here they are, the first render is blender internal and the second is yafray (cus i wanted to play around with that and see how it looked to :stuck_out_tongue: , which do you prefer?)
thanks again all.


made one more version, rigged it to, so i can start playing with some expressions.