A new idea

Make a chess board and 6 basic chess pieces for a start and duplicate till you have all 32 ( In the future you could model every one with it own uniqueness ). White makes his first move the player animates the move ( a quick move no battle between the 2 pieces no more then 3 sword strokes or the end result would be to long and boring) and sends the blend file to the other player and back and forth till the game is complete and you can render out the game with camera movement and effects and the works.
Just a idea. is it a good idea? has it been done?

Hmm that is actually quite interesting imo… i am sure pplz at pixar do that every day, in their spare time…

I got another one.
I just spent all morning trying to hook up internet phone, a little shopping around and alot of time trying to understand why my messenger screen was vacant of icons. I wait for support now.
Scene is a young guy sitting down to the computer he says to his wife “I’ll find you a internet phone connection” (yes someone knows less about this stuff then me) Camera rotates around his back and when it gets to his front again he is old.