A new modeling method found?

I came across this video on Youtube.

From the poster:

*While experimenting Boolean modifiers, I came across a new method to model low polygon models fast. *

*In order to do this, you need to do the following: *

*1. Create a cube, go to Edit Mode, press [1] to go to the Vertex mode. *
*2. Press [Alt + M] and combine at the center. *
*3. Use that single vertex to make outlines of each view meshes (Top, Side and Front) via extruding vertices. *
*4. After all outline meshes are complete, fill and extrude all 3 meshes. *
*5. Use the Boolean modifier to intersect all three meshes and we get the final result. *

*I have tried this method in designing complex modern airplanes and helicopters and they worked really well. *

*All we need to do, for low poly projects that is, is texture painting it to complete the work. *

For other work, we’d follow the same reptopoly steps for we do after sculpting is complete.


I’ve already seen someone using this method, so I don’t know if it’s so original, but it worth a try, for sure, thanks for the tip!

very cool method
could also be used as a stating point for higher poly models

It’s not new, but it’s neat. I’m reminded of Shadowbox in ZBrush.

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I was just going to say that too. This would work well with the new sculpt branch.