A new one

Hi everybody,

I am new to blenderartists.org and wanted to welcome myself. :cool:

Actually I’ve already visited this forum many times before, but never posted something.

Anyway I’m new to 3D and have started to work with blender around July 2009. So my knowledge is rather small. :frowning: But not to worry. I guess I am going to get much more experience with so many talented artists out there. :eyebrowlift:

So far I’ve done many (video)tutorials to know the basics of blender and modeled, textured, lighted and rendered mostly simple scenes.

At the moment I’m trying to use halos (I want to create lightsabers 'cause I just watched Star Wars Episode 3)

And I just have to say what you always read. From what I’ve seen until now: Blenders’ just cool.

Happy blending *or something like that :wink: