A new OS specifically designed for blender

Hello everyone, the title may be a bit misleading, technically its not a new OS, but a new distrobution of an OS, ive spend the past few days building and rebuilding, ive gone over every one of the big players in linux OS’s and in the end i settled for ubuntu as the base.

this is an extremely stripped down OS, i have removed nearly 150 packages from the base linux.

Its an OS built for blenderheads, I thought to myself a while back “why does everyone always get optimized builds of blender when they can just use an optimised OS and get even more power into there blending” well i soon out why, nobody has thought to create one, so i set too it.

you might be thinking “stripped down, no thanks i didnt like DOS when it was new and I still dont” well dont worry, this a graphicall OS, i couldve made it even faster of course by making it into a text based OS, but then people who like creating models like pretty things (if not we would all be coders eh :P)

so i have got rid of all the bloated crap that comes with ubuntu, including the beatiful but deathly slow unity desktop, installed LXDE desktop instead which is very fast and super light on resources.

got rid of all the sticky notes applications and little games, all the office rubbish (just leaving libre office so that you can still do some word processing/spreadsheet stuff)

i got rid of ubuntu one (which is a cloud service) aswell as all the other internet apps like social updates, email servers, IM applications, firefox…

and replaced it all with chromium, an optimized version of google chrome, its even faster and lighter than before.

for image editing i have installed GIMP 2.6

and for the core piece, the special little thing in the center of everything… blender 2.62.3 set to automatically update when a new SVN is released.

to help speed up things even more i have installed and enabled ‘preload’ the purpose of this is to take a tiny bit of your RAM (16MB) and store your most used applications, i found that on my smaller computer (a dual core 2.3GHz machine, with 256MB graphics and 4GBs RAM) blender will open in 0.5 seconds, half a second to load blender, beat that windows 7 :stuck_out_tongue:
gimp loads in 3 seconds and chromium is instant (and I mean INSTANT)

wifi is fully supported (a big trouble I had when making a distro based on OPENSUSE)
and so is printing wireleslly/wired.

im still in the testing stages but i can assure you that once i have finished testing it will be available to everone with a 64bit machine (im sorry but 32-bit isnt compatible…yet, but if 64bit is successful then i will be happy to put more time into a 32bit version)

so some screenshots would be nice wouldnt they :slight_smile:
Ive just installed shutter for your screenshots, its a nice app which lets you perform minor edits to your screenshot before saving it.

sounds awesome!

heres is the basic desktop, its simple, minimal and sexy

and here you can see nearly every application on the machine… at once, so multitasking is not an issue, and neither is stabilty because its build on top of the legendary ubuntu which is well known for being a very stable OS

cant wait to try it out.

wow!! Looks great!!! Can a user add apps, like a music player?

thanks alot guys :slight_smile:
@glasshog, i’ll see if i can get the first release ready by tomorrow evening :S
@marius, yeah users can add any application they want from the ubuntu software repositories (theres something like 48,000 pieces of software in there) but i have kept the base installation as fast and light as possible, but once people have installed it if they dont mind sacrificing a little speed for music then thats easy anough to do (and even so it will still be faster than windows or ubuntu)
@BC2, cheers man xD

replaced the screenshot app with one that does NOT start on boot lol.
added adobe flash player 64bit, and tested straight away, works perfectly with grooveshark and youtube (so I assume it works well with all flash stuff)

Is there a faster link than windows between blender and the gpu/cpu?

I mean is it able to utilize the system specs better than windows does?

and don’t those times mean that windows rendered it twice as fast?

bizla: that is awsome :slight_smile: However, I which you would go with GIMP 2.7 as opposed to 2.6, and maybe add other apps such as MyPaint, Audacity (For sound) and LMMS (For Music Creation) which all goes along making well with Blender to make movies. Maybe also a screen capture app for those who create tutorials.

I have Ubuntu installed on dual boot on my machine. But now, with all the crappy updates it has, my view port is totally messed.

Good Stuff!!

Those numbers mean it rendered almost twice as fast in his OS. Remember it’s Windows 7, not Windows rendering in 7min and 23 seconds.

this is very cool, if anything it should be useful for final renders and benchmarking. 40-50% speed increase rendering is huge and probably worth the hassle of setting this up.

Can you explain to a huge noob how to set this up to dual-boot with W7 though? I have never used linux, if you can point me to a tutorial that would be cool.

I agree that maybe mypaint would be good, but I don’t care about audio, editing audio in linux is for masochists anyway. Keep it as fast as possible.

ooooooooooooh hahahahaha I should have seen that :stuck_out_tongue:

And why is that? I made a few soundtrack in Ubuntu and all went very smoothly! Dunno why you say its for masochists :stuck_out_tongue: In my own mind, any studio related OS should have sound too. A movie without sound, as well as a game without sound would be extremely boring! (On top of being a 3D artists, I am also a musician, so having those tools would make me use only that, as opposed to switch from Blender OS to Windows 7)

Only on the edge on a black hole where the twisting the fabric of space makes time go backwards. ;D

It happens. I barely passed math, because I miss read a lot, lol.

haha, yeah I passed math… this year :stuck_out_tongue: Geometry was really simple because of all the blender work I’ve done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent!!! Who knew there was a cool hobby that helped with math, LOL.

i know, it’s amazing. Bet it won’t help with trig next year -_-

lol… win7 and win 7:23… That’s not a math, that’s how you see things… me 2 btw…
Congrats on this project! And a good choice of gdm. What’s listed in terminal ‘top’ ?
Any tools to get this on USB, bootable? Ubuntu scripts never worked for me…