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Hello there,

I’d like to bring to your attention that akeytsu has recently changed its pricing, and is now free to use. You can learn more about this news here on the official website :


If you don’t know “akeytsu”, it’s a standalone rigging, skinning & animation software. It offers an efficient toolset for a great user experience, its goal is to reduce technical steps required to start animating an asset.

Last year, I made the following trailer on top of my daytime job. All except procedural animation (like foliage or explosions VFX) has been made with akeytsu. A friend helped me with a sequence of 5 shots, he usually animates on Maya and he found the workflow here really excellent

I recently made a comparison between what’s animated on akeytsu and the final shot, so you can figure out a bit better how it’s done (as a new user I can’t put more links, simply search for " Behind the scenes | Animation of StarWars Redemption Trailer" on youtube :wink:

Finally, I want to express that akeytsu is not made only for animators, I’ve been making mostly 3D environments & characters for years, and learned animation through this wonderful software. Now I rig every asset I can, for projects and/or portfolio. I think it always makes a difference when having an idle (even simple) to present your own work, as it gives more soul to your characters

I wish you all the best with it !

Des Bisous :heart:

PS : If you want to know a bit about me, I’m a game artist working in the industry for soon 10 years, so, a quite young one. Fun fact here, I’ve started learning modeling with blender and since then I enjoy this art field =)

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This is great news- I had a student license of Akeytsu my senior year in college, but I never had the time then to learn how to use it properly. I remember being impressed with it overall but also simultaneously overwhelmed by the interface and underwhelmed by the documentation. Hopefully this change in ownership and direction will also mean a greater emphasis on usability


Hi josephhansen,

Really happy to see you’ve tried it, and sorry to hear UI looked overwhelming as that’s a part being heavily polished in akeytsu, I myself had so much fun with it from the beginning. I was coming from max/maya/zbrush UI, this new one was really refreshing and for once I thought the devs really wanted me to stay on their software, but, well.That’s a personal thought and everyone has its own experience.

Note : as the free version is temporarily the educational one, you need to provide a file (any image will work, please refrain from sending borderline content of course)

I honestly chalk that up more to my lack of time to figure the UI out, and less to actual UI flaws :slight_smile: I’ve rarely encountered a UI so complex and confusing that you can’t figure it out with some dedication and hard work. Interestingly, I think the UIs that have never felt intuitive to me are the Microsoft Office suite, I much prefer Google Docs and Sheets to Word and Excel.

Back on topic, I’m very happy to have a chance to dust off my copy of Akeytsu and learn to master it :smiley: I know for sure that it’s a great thing to have in your toolbox

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