a new python system for using the game engine.

(blendedHKU) #1

Hi everybody,

I have made an example file of the system i use for making things happen in the
game engine.

I’m working on a school project (just like Carl) in which we use blender for all kinds of
realtime visualization things. I use this system in combination with OSC for python, to make network connections between blender and software that analyzes video images.
Then we beam blender onto a big wall, and when you walk passed it, blender reacts…

I like to write my whole ‘game’ from one python file, which (I think) makes working with blender much simpler.

It works as followes, every object in the game that needs some logic, can be stored in a dictionary (which is sortof like a list). Then I attach this dictionary to GameLogic, making it global. So I can controll every object from everywhere.

It also combines the getRotation / setRotation functions, the UV texture scroll functions
And a way to save and load your game. (it saves position, orientation, and properties)

I wanted to make a proper html page for it, with some nice examples and documentation,
but I’m really far to busy at the moment.

I saw there were some questions about these subjects, so I post it right now.

The blend file contains some help, and examples
(and some redundant textures I couldn’t remove) :slight_smile:



(Abracsis) #2

sounds like cool stuff. but i wouldn’t be able to implement it…


(Ben) #3

-It would be a nice thing to have a simple example.Especially about this part:

, the UV texture scroll functions

Thanks Ben

(wiensta) #4

thanks, ill try upgrade it if I get the time!

(blendedHKU) #5

Actually, it has some UV texture scroll examples in there.

But , I agree it needs more documentation.

In the file there is no example of working with sensors/actuators and ‘the system’.
This is very simple though, just attach them to the initObject script, and you can call them from