a new resource for all you subdivision modelers !

well, on cgchannel.com they have announced a new website:


thats right…it has some awesome stuff in the forums and im sure it will get better and better :]

just thought you guys would like to know

just to let you guys know… it’s not officially open until the 23rd

yes…but they already have tutorials in the forums :]

and i thought everyone might want a head-start on the action…

lets submitt a whole pile of blender tutorial links (they have most other 3d aps listed)


I’m sure they will be accepted as long as they are decent and are specific to Subdivision Surface modeling.

There have already been a couple of discussions where Blender was mentioned and I believe it’s listed in the primer.

There are a ton of good tutorials out there that aren’t listed yet. The repository of links is still in its infancy. Also, be aware that most of those tutorials that are listed should work with Blender too. While the menus and keystrokes may be different, most tutorials use a fairly simple set of tools to get by… most SDS modelers have those tools.

What a great place to learn! :smiley:
Thanks for the link.

It would be nice to see a link to Blender in its frontpage, together with all the other softwares. 8)

Was just talking to Glen and he said… get your butts over there and post!

He’s going to work on getting a Blender link up on the main page too.

Wow that is a great resource for sub-d modelers. The primer is awesome, very good. And yeah get that blender software link on the main page :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like they plan on reviewing 2.4, so it looks like Blender is not going to be left out of the loop, (wings too!)

Looks like a good resource for poly modellers!


That site is cool, but it would be cooler if it had a Blender specific thread…especially for new features :wink:

That’s not likely to happen, at least not any time soon. There is a discussion of having the basic modeling tools for each of the mainstream modeling apps covered in the primer but just the basics. And yes this would include Blender. We want the general learning material to be as non-app specific as possible that way, it’s useful for everyone. For Blender specific, you have elysiun which is a great forum itself.

i agree with the above…its good to see a forum that is dedicated to perfecting skills with any 3d package…i get tired of all that “if your not MAX you suck” and stuff like that.

great link… thanks

well, i definately like a list of good modeling tutorials. i’ll keep my eye on that one.

any of you more experienced blender artists going to start a blender area over there?

can you?

Go here. Scroll down to the bottom of the first post. There you go.

great i did the face ,now i need to do the turtle

Go here. Scroll down to the bottom of the first post. There you go.[/quote]

Yeah… I just added those a couple days ago. I’m checking here almost daily to keep my eyes open for stuff.

im in …