A new section formakers who use Blender and tools around it: 3d printing, Arduino, Cad, etc

(noki paike) #1

Greetings Admins, Moderators and Users,
During the passing of the years, as many believe, I have moved from modeling and creating scenes representing only images to the making of real objects created with blender and then 3d printed … so I came naturally with the passage of time to get excited at 3d printers, the use of CNC for wood, manual making, the aid of cad tools and the assembly and programming of “robotic” gadgets through arduino and open source etc…
So since I think there will be many people like me who are evolving in this category, it would be interesting if you would propose a new section for the “makers” so that we can exchange useful information on sections concerning blender and aids around it …

This section would also be useful to bring the makers closer together with the 3d Artists, because the thing that I noticed, is that having touched both worlds, I realized that both speak different languages, and for example for a 3D Artist, it results difficult to use cad modeling approaches and precise tools to then get concrete objects and vice versa … and in this sense would emerge more clearly where blender could evolve to better mix these two worlds …

what do you Guys think of this idea?

here an example “magnified” of what I mean more or less :grin:


Parure Art Nouveau Opals, diamonds, tourmalines and pearls
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Generally speaking, I’d like to work towards fewer categories here rather than more. Do you think that perhaps a tag might suffice (#3dprinting, #making, #cnc, or something along those lines)?


(noki paike) #3

I don’t know, I think that if no special areas are created, people won’t know that there are areas dedicated to these “sub-categories” around blender

Among the Makers, there is thingiverse which is very famous and is based on sharing 3d models ready for printing …
There are also groups, but they are more focused on the various “machines” and their possible DIY of them and less on software especially modeling …


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If we’re talking about showing work, then I think that the current set of categories in the #artwork section is more than adequate. If we add tags like the ones I mentioned, that should help.

In terms of support, I’m not sure what other category we’d add. If they’re making something to be printed or CNC’d, then they’re still modeling. If they’re writing code for robotics, they’re still coding. What exactly would you add… and where?


(noki paike) #5

I can make you a list of what the makers do

among the makers using 3D printing and cnc’s ther is: crafting, the diy, the engineering of small engineering things, model-making and assembly, electronics and programming especially with Arduino, once the model has been created, for example it is painted, there are the techniques of painting with the airbrush and also the hydrographic printing is cool, it would be a kind of manual texturing.
Cosplay is very popular among makers … look at this and this and and this if we want to exaggerate
then there is the whole field of robotics … obviously …

In short, it’s like opening a Pandora’s box …
the question is how to make this area well structured, it is not just a matter of using which technique or what machinery or software, but of essentially materializing what would usually be done with blender virtually and transmitting it in reality …

the question is how …
and in this over to make a list, I don’t know



Been tackling with similar idea, but i believe it needs separate independent platform.

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(Jason van Gumster) #7

Yeah… to hear you describe it, you’re really thinking about a maker-centric forum. I don’t think a single section here would really do it justice… and it’s a bit out of scope from the focus on Blender.


(noki paike) #8

I understand that it might seem too expansive …
But essentially to be concise, the thing that I would like to happen this sort of section, is that to polarize a whirlwind of ideas through the people who share their projects, obviously made with blender, but then also explain the techniques used and exchange the advice on how to best achieve the materialization of these projects …
And in all this my hope is that a part of comunity will be formed that through the experience of the makers will help to develop the blender tools also in this way …
This would be the core of a section of this kind, this would also be my dream :slight_smile:

(actually it is already happening that makers use blender to build some projects, but it doesn’t happen here in the comunity directly)


(Jason van Gumster) #9

When we’ve added new sections in the past, it was after we noticed a large influx of people posting on a particular topic that didn’t quite fit in any of the existing categories. That’s typically the best way to go as the “if you build it, they will come” approach rarely ever works.

That being the case, I’d suggest that you encourage makers to share their work here. We can add the necessary tags to have maker-related content more easy to find. If it turns out that there are maker-related topics that aren’t well covered by our existing categories, then that’s when we’ll consider adding new ones.


(noki paike) #10

I fully understand your point of view,
I’ll try, let’s see what happens.
Thanks for the chat



Hello everyone!
If you could find of some interest I posted this in the artwork section:

Artwork section is very “rendering” oriented and could be a good idea to have a workshop category focused on makers stuff.
Maybe its matter of a specific entire forum, but since I recently swiched to Blender and I’d never quit the open source, I would focus on “how make Blender a perfect tool to design real Life object”.
I use also freecad in place of fusion 360, but Blender is miles away and with animationNode/sverchok parametric near cad modeling is possible…

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(noki paike) #12

MAN, that was just what I meant!
thank you for sharing your work!
Makers all over the world, show yourself, I know you are there!



Good to know! There’s a lot to dig about Blender manufacturing… Let’s see, maybe we could just start with a general topic inside modeling category


(Jason van Gumster) #14

Probably not the best call since #support:modeling is in the Support section, which isn’t built for general topics.



Ok! Then I think I ll go soon with a #3d printing post in the “working in progress” artwork… Indeed a 5 meters long artwork… All fmd printed and above all 100% made in blender… The structure will be designed in a parametric way using animation node or sverchok… I have to speriment about It, but in blender is possibile to work structure and sculpture togheter… Very interesting workflow…


(noki paike) #16

really? it’s a mammoth job …
and how long will it take you to 3d print something like this?

anyway … it would be interesting if in this work in progress you would make us a basic description of the processing steps
so to see the reaction of other users on this type of work

P.S. the other day in the off-topic section there was talk of why women are not attracted to the CG… looking around, and making comparisons, I believe that women are more attracted to the material aspect … in fact many works that I saw around, then materialized in 3D print or other, many were carried out by women.