A new sketching method I tried

I needed to do some sketches for a commissioned work. It involves an orchestra director. After trying my usual sketching method, which is very construction based, that gave me unsatisfactory results. I recalled MichaelW sketches using a painting application. I’d like to find a non-digital medium that would allow this type of sketching freedom. But all I had was gel pens. So I started filling space with my gel pen and those are the results. I have enough good sketches in there for my commissioned work.

Thanks Mike for the inspiration.


Those are pretty cool. it’s a neat effect, and any misproportions in form just add to the dramatic feel of it. (larger than life, etc)

I really like these. If you want to try it again I’d suggest trying an Ebony pencil. I love drawing with those. They are really soft so they roll on the paper like butter. Very pleasurable way of working. (At least for me.)

@linuxpimp21, Thanks for the pointer to the Ebony pencil. I will look for them next time I go by the art supply boutique.

hmm, I’ll have to try the ebony again too, last time I used one I made the mistake of trying to turn half of my page into a deep black background… and it was a 24 X 18 inch project, not really that fun to do, I used about half of a brand new pencil, but it got oo’s and ahh’s from the rest of the class, so I guess it was worth it.

I have to say that these are really cool, great momentem to the conducter, really makes me think of him as being wildly involved with the music.

I’ve not been around as much recently so apologiies if this is late reply…

hey, Yves, thank’s for the name check, but these are all to your credit.

great silhouettes with fantastic movement and drama!

Keep it coming.

on the “medium”: for “non digital” I love charcoal…it’s like the missing link between pencil and painting for me…

Commercial project… who for? looks a bit “harry potter” to me…

Black conte crayon is my weapon of choice, for some reason the colored stuff is a bit chalky, but the black has a great feel to it and can make a nice line.

Yeah. Conte crayons seems to be good for sketching. I was looking for a medium that would be easily transportable, use and store with the possibility to overwrite light colors over darker ones. From some web site I read, Conte crayons seems to be the nearest to this ideal. I also read good reviews of Carandache oil pastels. Conte crayons are easier to try and I plan to trying them during my coming vacations.

I was looking yet again on the web for that sketching medium. I recalled my mother used to paint on fabrics with Tri Chem Artex paint tunes with ball-point tips.

So I was looking for this and in the process, I found out that there are now acrylic paint markers on the market. They look exactly like what I was looking for. They are opaque and can paint light colors over dark ones. I’m going to go get some tomorrow at the art supply store. They look really cool.

Those drawings are so dynamic and cool, it already looks like an animation. I like using Bic or Papermate pens. If you ‘flick’ the pen you can get really soft tones, then the base color appears in the lighter shades. It looks kinda’ like a blackberry color. I’ll try to attach an image. Alice1024.jpg Thanks for the inspiration.


You did that with a bic pen? Wow! very interesting result. I like your style too.

Caran dache is interesting, it is waxy but you can add water to it on paper, making watercolor type effects.