A New Start: Exterior

G’day BlenderHeads,

Having recently moved into my new house - Yet to move across the road in the coming days again lol.
I have decided to model the front of my new house outside.
The models that were not modeled by me were the chess pieces and plants.
I was testing out the new bloom effect in octane, i may have over used it abit

Programs: Blender, Octane Render, Photoshop, Ivy gen, Tree gen

Octan Settings:

Render Kernel: Pathtracing
Time: 1 hour - Over night
Res: 4K
It was very hard to keep it all in Vram, having only 10mbs to spare :slight_smile:

Here are the 1080p versions with the 4K versions shown in the video
I have also made a five minute video of the renders to really show the detail.

This is amazing! You might get a few people saying it’s too bright/overexposed, but if someone were to take photos of a scene like this, they would likely have overexposed portions. I think it makes it look very photorealistic :yes: The images are a bit too saturated overall, but other than that, this is great!

Cheers, i will be updating this with some night time render shots :slight_smile:

Cool! Can’t wait to see those :smiley:

This looks good, but I would really suggest having those leaves reflect an off-white to make them more real looking.

Looks great!
Like the overexsposure, but like Jonathan L said leaves should be pale not bright green. Also you could make a slight variations in leaves color, right now they are too uniform.
That’s only thing that sicks out, others look very good.