A new strategy game...

To start, I’m a novice. I’ve always liked games and especially strategy games… I will try and learn how to use both Blender and Python to develop this strategy game…

So my first question is: Is Python initialy integrated into Blender and is it easy access or do I need to download and learn it separately?

My idea for this strategy game comes from 2 connected trilogies called ‘The Prince of Nothing’ and ‘The Aspect Emperor’ from Richard Scott Bakker. I don’t know if you have read them or not, but they’re awesome and I have all the scenario I need to make a story. The strategy itself will have a gameplay similar to StarCraft(2) because it’s also awesome.

There will be fractions:
The Men of the Tusk

The High Ainon
Ce Tydonn
The High Holy Zeum

As I said I’ll make a variety of units for each nation. If you haven’t read the series, The Men of the Tusk are the best soldiers/types of units for The High Ainon, Nansur, Conrya, Ce Tydonn, Thunyeri and Galeoth and because it is the best of the best(but lack in numbers to Kians forces) fraction it wouldn’t be included online.

So this is my idea and I hope I won’t falter and stop trying to create it. Also can you answer the question I made because it will make my life easier if Python is already integrated.

yeah you don’t have to worry about python in blender2.57b it’s all there ready to be used.however if you plan on making it with blender 2.49b you will have to install python 2.6 for it to work that’s all really.

well i started out with logic bricks then slowly moved onto python over a period of about 6months. all i done was read a byte of python to get to know python itslef then you would need to learn it inside blender start off by doing something simple like getting an object to move when a key is pressed, then after a while you get used to it and be solving problems with ease :smiley:

and don’t forget to download the API documentation for the version of blender your using.

Thanks mate for the tips, though I’ll maybe start sooner than you cause I’ll have enough time now, I’m on summer breaks man! I’ll first master blender modeling and other stuff then I’ll move on to python… and I have 2.57b blender.

Yeah that is what I also wanted to ask just forgot what the hell is API and can I get a link for the newest API documentation?