a new user with a question about a model type that seems hard to find

I started to post in the modeling forum’s because this post is related to modeling and discussion but it looked better for this section…the other day I found a yobj file extension importer.blend file,that when opened in blender 0.249b if I remember the right version,let’s you import yobj file’s from rumble rose’s the game and also work’s for smackdown vs raw 2011 from the playstation2 game format…unfortunately I found no way to export the yobj extension file’s when the yobj importer.blend file was open…is there a yobj importer/exporter.blend or a possible python/blender script that import’s and export’s yobj model’s for blender 0.249b or newer?

how is yobj different from obj? If it’s just minor stuff like header, obj IO addon could be easily modified

maybe you’re right I have noticed in a hexadecimal editor,even though i’m not very good with hexadecimal,that the data starts with YOBJ in hex but I thought the yobj model type was different from obj from what I found out…maybe I should try modifying it as I never have before

where do I find or download the obj IO addon and when I get it how do I modify it?

well if YOBJ is a binary format, then it’s probably different from Wavefront OBJ, which is a plaintext format.

The OBJ import/export addon comes with blender (see File > Import / Export menus). You find the py scripts in your Blender installation folder, e.g.:

Blender\2.66\scripts\addons\io_scene_obj\ (on windows, Blender 2.66)