A new world --(Help Wanted)--

Its 2024 a Meteor is heading to earth when it hits Scientist notice It has bacteria on it they start studying it on sick animals and other test subjects non humans it increases healing times resistance to sickness. they tested it on you and you became stronger and faster with increased healing just like animals. You along with 10 others all lived. They decided to go public immediately because of the surplus results. Unfortunately the bacteria was mutated when combined with the flu unfortunately killing almost all people on the planet then the bacteria joined with the dead making the living dead… many of the dead bodies were chewed up and scraped by other animals making terrable ugly mindless mutant zombies. Each induvigule reacted differently to the bacteria making different classes of zombies. Your job is to hold out and find other people you will incounter surviving indavidules who have turned to canablism and violence. you will also in counter super zombies how long can you live.

Things to do
*House hold items
*Buildings with interiors

glock - 329 faces

shotgun - 674 faces

sniper - 749 faces

Uzi - 252 faces

AK47 - 295 faces

Knife - 119 faces

Zombie models at lower post

If anyone would like to donate any zombie models or weapons to this project it would be appreciated

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hey i was just wondering about 2 things
1: does anyone have a grass texture that doesn’t look like a pattern
2: does anyone have or know a multiplayer template
And if anyone wants to join in this game project they are welcome

I would help on this but I don’t have much experience with blender so I don’t know how much use I would be. I am pretty good with logic bricks though and can figure out some python with time.

sure it would be great to have you helping out

Any update?

Hammer Blender texture paint… 252 faces

Uzi not normal mapped yet… 252 faces

Ak47 ready and textured… 295 faces

Knife… 119 faces

The screacher zombie sketch with info

Not my best drawing but its OK for a cosept.
Number 4 says - The screacher sits in dark rooms alone. When entering the same room or when with in a distance from the screacher you will hear a deep breathing. If shining a light shooting or walking into the screacher in this same room or in the vasenaty(sorry for incorrct spelling) he will let out a loud screach temorarly paralyzing you and making vision blury.

The weapons look good. I don’t think you need anymore for now (but its your game). If you send/upload the weapons I can make a system for changing weapons or whatever else you need help with.

Edit: It might also be helpful for people looking at this if you quote your first post of the original topic in your first post here.

The screacher 964 faces

The Crawler more than likely a boss (consept)

If anyone is good concept artist and understands what it should look like please redraw it if you have time

He moves like Doc Ock?
(from spider-man)

yes and he will have a sharp tail he will try to stab and hit you with. he will also try to swash you with his tentacles. (got inspiration from doc oc watched it with my little brother)

Hello blending user. What do you need modelled the most? (zombies, weapons, environments, buildings, objects…)

zombies or a cityscape… are you ganna help if so thanks you very much

Ummm okaaayy…

Yeah I could help in some way as I’m not busy at the moment. I’ll try making a random zombie just to see if I can do it (and because my humanoid modelling skills need work…)

ok so here’s a zombie of sorts…

This is just an idea, a concept. So I wouldn’t want this to be in your game. But what do you think about the idea? Bones and stuff sticking out here and there…

I’m just a little tired today and so my Blender skills are like TOTALLY not the best but I’d give this a try again tomorrow and make a better zombie.


Zombie.blend (133 KB)

thats very good
thanks robo3dguy

Ok glad you like it. But I know I can do much better so I’ll give it another go tomorrow :smiley:

I’ve been using Blender for 3 years and I’ve pretty much got all the basics down. But if there’s anything in Blender that I’m really really really bad at, it’s humanoid modelling. So this will be a learning process for me too. That being said, I can model other objects for you (like tables, vases, buildings, rocks, barrels etc) So i can do that to if you like.

Of coure you can and im recording everything everyone helps with and it will be put in credits. One thing i am having trouble with is building with interiors for exploring so if your want to do that and you have nothing else to do go right ahead :smiley:

And the crawler at 1283 faces