A newb oversteps his bounds

Um…after about 4 models I decided to see if I could apply my newly acquired hobby to a couple projects that would give me things to work on so I sent a job request to black mesa source. They replied and gave me a week to make a specific model (in this case a black mesa workstation). Anyway, I gave it my best shot (which included learning UV maps - thanks for the great vid tutorials greyghost!). Upon completion, they denied my application, but I learned so much in the process! Here is the final product - please let me know what you guys might have done to make it better,



Haha, there should be more people like you. You wern’t even embarassed, were you?

:stuck_out_tongue: Heck no!! we all had to be noobs once and I figured the worse someone can say is “no. oh, and btw you suck.” And in the meantime it forced me to learn some important skills. i appreciate the response greatly - thank you!! Any suggestions or crits? I don’t mind being a pinata for a bit:)

I wish I could be more like you in that respect. I seem to feel very badly when someone says something bad about me or to me, and I don’t know why, they are just words and opinions.

For crits: You might want to bevel the main part of the wotkstation, the metal casing.

Also might want to define the gray things next to the monitor.

Try AO, or Ambient Occllusion.

If you want to go the extra mile(or fifty), you can dirty up the textures by looking at references and aplying dirt and grime and worn out spots to your desk.

Oh, but before you do anything else, make the rest of the scene!

good luck on blackmesa, I used to be on the dev team…great team, even though the leaders tend to forget that the we do it for free and during our free time :wink:

oh and btw, make sure you make this model with a low poly count, since it’s still for a game engine

Ha, that’s the spirit! Like henrymop said, that’s the right way, just go for it, and don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out the first time.
As for the workstation, it needs a little more detail, I think, but since it’s supposed to be a game model, you could add this with textures. You know, buttons, dials, meters and a whole lot of glowing LEDs.
Well, I hope you continue your blendering with the same enthusiasm. I wish you the best!

You know, I really like you Zerobytes. You have a wonderful attitude towards your work. I like the way you approached this as a learning experience. I’m not certain how new you are to 3D modeling, but I am an extreme novice. The only reason I ever started messing around with Blender was because my sister and I were talking one day about how we’d make a video game we were both playing at the time differently. Before she left to go home, we’d talked ourselves into creating our own. I figured that since I can program a little in Java that I wouldn’t have any problems learning how to program a video game. Dumbest thought I believe I’ve ever had (unless you count the time in my younger years when I thought it would be cool to move to Montana and raise llamas because they were such “spiritual creatures”). Since our decision to make this game though I’ve found it isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be. I’ve bought a few programs that I “thought” I would have to have (including Calgari’s TrueSpace which believe it or not I hate). But then I found Blender, which incidently I already had it and just didn’t know what it was. lol I had downloaded it at a time I used to do a lot of work in Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. Although I was pretty good with those programs, I wasn’t prepared at all for Blender. I opened it up and took one look at all those wild-assed buttons that I didn’t know what in the hell-o they were used for and said “hmmm…” then clicked the little “X” at the top right to close it.

Anyway, all the game ideas came to us in April. Since then I’ve been trying to learn 3D and I think I’m actually beginning to get the hang of the modeling aspects of it, although I haven’t even tried texturing anything I’ve done yet. It will probably take us years to complete this game, but we’re determined and we’re both stubborn. In the meantime, I’m addicted to Blender and whether or not our “dream game” becomes a reality, I love what I’m doing with it at the moment.

Henrymop - thanks for your support and comments. If your a newbie like me don’t fear to stick your neck out - remind yourself that you have very little experience and the only way you’ll get it is by trying! best wishes and happy blending!

Ashraf - thanks for the comments, perhaps I ducked a bullet be being rejected (not a lot of free time espcially without compensation). I’m not exactly sure where the poly count is in blender - so I just assumed the F: at the top right in object mode meant faces and that would be close enough :expressionless: If that is incorrect where could I find the polycount? If that IS correct, I got it down to 929 polygons - is that still too high for a game?

Quantum - thank you for your response, I’ll try adding a bit more detail. (I tried modelling some buttons but they looked way too cartoony) some LEDs would be great though. Thanks for the suggestions.

Jinxy - can’t wait to play the dream game :stuck_out_tongue: If you need any extra modelmakers during dev time look me up.

Thanks so much for the comments guys