A newbie question

Sorrry if this was asked milions of time before.

I have a problem with displaying UV textures.
Objects are UV mapped and I can export static meshes with textures into Unrealed2 without problems.
However if I try to render the scene (f12) no textures are displayed (only lights). Is there any setting to enable UVs when rendering ?

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Supposing that you have assigned the Image to your object’s faces correctly and pressed the green “UV” button to utilize the UV coordinates (Material Buttons menu, exactly under the ‘Map Input’ subcontext), then you have to press the ‘TexFace’ button in the MaterialButtons (F5) menu, in order to be able to render the UV textures…

Hope this is what you’ve been looking for…


Yeah that’s what I was looking for. You’re da man Timonides.

Thanks for your help !

I’m glad I was able to help you… :smiley: