A nice and fine Hirarchy structure

Hi there,
i’d like to know, what ways there are in blender to create a nice Object hirarchy.

My current Problem is, that i Have a Car wheel, which consists of a rim and a tire. I’ve got models from CAD and now i have imported them as a mesh in Blender. Since the meshes have very much detail, i buld a low Poly version of them and the baked the normal maps. For that Purpose i have seperated tire and rim in two objects, made an UV unwrap for each of them and now have two seperate Objects, with seperate UV maps.

Now, if i look at the Outliner it looks to me, as if it is posibble to stuff more than one mesh into an object, but i couldn’t find out how.

What I tried out was to parent the objects using an enpty, but if I then make the parent invisible, the childs still keep their visibility.

Long story shot, what I’m looking for is a hirarchy like the one in photoshop, where the layers can be put in folders and subfolders and so on.

Thank you very much for your help.

Interesting point you raise here.
You can parent the tire directly to the rim (don’t see the use of the empty in this case). You can then parent the inner tube to the tire, and the valve to the tube and so on…
But toggling visibility/renderability of the parent on/off will not toggle the children.

I find it quite annoying myself !
If i one day get the skills to code myself, that’s the first feature I’ll code !

But toggling visibility/renderability of the parent on/off will not toggle the children.
You’d have to add the objects to a group which you can turn visibility on/off in the outliner

… when the outliner is set to show groups :slight_smile:

Somehow I’d missed that functionality - thanks! That makes object groups much more useful.

EDIT: Just FYI, objects can be in multiple groups, but groups cannot be nested. Trying to add a group to a second group just adds all the objects in the first group to the second.

Ok, thanks for your replies.
Actualy i hoped to hear somthing like: “this is the easienst thing to do, just…”. However, if I can’t nest groups, this won’t make much sense. Maybe i misunderstood the concept of the outliner, but to me it seems perfect to have an hirachical structure like in file Systems, where the objects equal folders and the meshes equal files.

The nice thing to know would be, if it is planned to do so and not done by now, if there is a different concept behind that makes this hirachical structure unefficeient and/or unwanted. However, this concept of grouping and nesting enteties as it’s done in photoshop seems to be some kind of very special feature, as gimp also doesn’t offer this feature.

I too find this frustrating.
I recently added this as a request for future releases:

If you only want to sort your stuff in a hirarchy, you can do that via parenting. An Empty is closest to a folder-like structure. If you parent all objects you want to group to an empty, the outliner will only show the empty. And you can nest objects (via parenting) however you want

@gexwing: yes, but not quite.

Imagine you have a lamp. You have the body, and the bulb and cable as its children.
Now in the outliner you only see one line called “body”. Fine.

But if you want not to see your lamp and toggle the visibility off, what will happen is that you’ll see the blub and cable floating in mid air while only the body is hidden.

Of course with such a simple object, you can just toggle the 3 objects by hand. But imagine… a computer, with housing, motherboard, ram, CPU, GPU, power, screws, HDDs etc.

There should be an option to easily toggle visibility/renderablity of a whole hierarchy !
It could be something like shift+mouseclick on the eye for instance…

yea, always found it strange that the visibility is not passed down in parent-child relationships (would make sense if it did…)
I would use layers for that, if there’s lots of objects you want to show/hide that’s probably the best way.
Making a group and via group select, then hiding/showing all is also possible, but that’s even messier.