A nice concept for a simple little game

Here is a concept I came up with today while I was bored. Just a little ball of sticky static (yes you can stick to walls and ceilings and roll around on them) avoiding flames, spikes, and getting gems. I mainly made this to experiment with animated textures.


Agh the spikes screwed up… I’ll try to fix them.
Edit: All fixed

Anyone? At all?

Looks cool! Maybe have a go at really spicing up the graphics

How would I go about doing that?

Hmm… maybe work on the animations a little more, make the spikes reflective, add details to the levels, add a backdrop… the sky’s the limit! The ball could also be pretty cool, you could almost try making it glow or something with a halo plane…

only problem I see is that you used DLoc for movement- when you run into walls then stop pressing the direction, you go flying backward. use force or linV to solve this : )

The *.blend is quite addictive to tweak . . . good job.

This is really cool! Lots of room for improvement, but this is sweet none-the-less.

texture the plane things the ball is on
the spikes
more levels
tweak the physics, so if you hit something you dont bounce back.

I know this could be much better, but this was made to be a concept, not an actual game.