A nice geometry hair tutorial

I found a nice tutorial for hair using geometry and alpha maps. Not sure if it’s a well known tutorial, but here is the link for those who may not know it:

Texturing is not my strength, but following the tips and using the brushes Paul Tosca shows in the 4th page I could achieve fairly nice results on my first attempts (test image).

I created GIMP brushes from the three brushes images he shows in the 4th page, and they work great together. He also gives tips on how to model the geometry to achieve volume with not much faces, and tips for normal map and specular map for more realistic results.

I wish someone could find Ripstring so he could update Fiber2.03. That script did all this “automagically”

Open the Fiber blend file. Open the text editor and bring up Fiber2GUI.py. Search for the line with txtFile = String(blah… blah… 512). Change the 512 to 300. That will allow the GUI to work.

I will give it a try. I should have been more specific. I still have blender versin2.36 on this computer specifcially for use with fiber and s2flender. Are you saying that changing that one line will allow the fiber2GUI.py file to work in blender version 2.45?

That will get the GUI to work on at least 2.44. There is a problem with the guides routines though. But at least the demo guides in the blend work.

Thanks but that would not work for me. I absolutely need the guides in order to style my models hair for export to other formats. But thanks anyway

I apreciate sharing that , thanks :slight_smile:

Animontus Btw what happens with the guides (exactly) when you apply that line and run the script in blender 2.44

The problem with the guides is that it is trying to add edges to the mesh by adding 2 vert faces, which by the way dont work anymore. I haven’t had alot a free time lately to try and fix it. I wish I could fix it, I need hair and the particle system is tickin me off somewhat. I have hair pointing into the center of the head no matter where the normals are pointing.

There really was a script that did that automatically??? It would be great! I would like to see the code maybe I can try repairing it.

thanks, I was just about to make some low poly hair! lol.

Hey, the script worked out, at least the demo included. Just as AnimusMontus said.

Mmmh… this script was made to make separated hair/fiber strands, not to make low poly hair as a whole thing, it’s interesting but… is really more usefull the hair particles (unless you want to make high poly fibers on the GE :D)

Several problems apart the first example… maybe using it on an older version may prove it more usefull… feeling lazy, I’m gonna drop this. =_=

Hey…i Uploaded Ripstring´s Fiber 203 plug in for Blender 2.45 that works but not complete if someone like it!
here is the link:

unzip the file and open the Fiber 203 Folder and copy the 2 contain files into Blenders 2.45 Scripts directory-Folder (where Blender is Installed).
Run Blender…and open the Scripts Window and “Update Menues”
you can find it in “Wizards”-Fiber2

thanx vassilios,
u just made my day and hair too :slight_smile:

Vassilios what did you mean by “but not complete”