A nice site with wallpapers

http://www.socwall.com/browse/index.php has some pretty decent stuff as far as wallpaper goes - the different sections are accessible from the browse flyout menu. Some good stuff to inspire the ol’ imagination too. If you have any links (apart from deviantart :P) feel free to share.

Hey, that’s a pretty nice site. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

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Obviously, it looks nice, but isn’t. All the styling is in-line or embedded, which is hard to update, so that means there won’t be many site updates.

Sorry, but ever since designing my own page, I look at these things.

Nice content, though.

WOW! that is a great site!
thanks for showing us :smiley:

Yeh, it was more of the content than the markup I was looking at :wink: I think you’re right though about there not being many updates, as I first found that site about 5 or so months ago I think, and had forgotten about it till now. There doesn’t seem to be much new stuff since then, though what’s there is still pretty good - definitely enough to give you a different wallpaper every week for oh, a couple of decades :rolleyes:. There’s even a couple of blender renders in there if you hunt around.

@ Hobbes and Mmph!: Glad to oblige dudes :slight_smile:

interfacelift.com still has the best wallpapers.

and did I mention Mike’s collection?

Tynach would you stop it with the out-of-place web designer stuff? We get it, you just learned how to use CSS, but you’re not an expert. It’s starting to get like Cyborg Dragon’s dragon crap where it’s just sprinkled all over threads.

Bottom line, if it runs in most major browsers but doesn’t pass every one of those validations, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Anyways, this site’s good, but my favorite’s this one:

Great links man.