A nice summer room.

(deks) #1

Took me a long time to finnish it(becuese of my bad computer) Just don’t forgett to copy and paste( tripod doesn’t alow direct linking)


(deks) #2

dont be scared away of the load time. The picture in in a high-res. I just wanted it to be nice. :wink:

(Eric) #3

First of all, please rename it to Summer.jpg or something like that, second, please add jpg compression to the image (will reduce it to around 40kb, the image now looks quite uncompressed to me), third, cool atmosphere. :smiley: Needs better shadowing thought.

(blengine) #4

wow, thats really high res! its been loafing for 5 full minutes… :x

it finished! very nice picture, i like the lighting 8)