A night in naoshima

HELLO GUYZZ… So basically I was really inspired by TADAO ANDO’s work especially his NAOSHIMA Art museum project so i thought it would be awesome if naoshima is converted into a romantic Bedroom (resort maybe) … So that curiosity give birth to a new scene and i call it… “A NIGHT IN NAOSHIMA”…
so i hope you guyz like it… :smiley:

resolution- 1k 2k and 4k…
render time(rendered in CPU): 3-10 hrs (depending on the scene)

C&C welcome :smiley:

…and YES I love old Film analogue look :wink:

ABOUT ME = i am a 16 year old cg artist and i fell in love with it at the age of 12,i am also a cross platform app developer and an indie game developer…and i am doing what i love :smiley:


and here is the original + a bit color correct :wink:


Bravo! I am especially impressed by the last 2 images.
Great composition and choice of colors, you sir have it good!

Hey thanks Yanal sosak!! For your kind words…but yeah please don’t call me sir dude! I m just 16 so please dont call me that and yeah if you like my work u might like to visit my artstation - https://www.artstation.com/artist/mrityunjaybhardwaj ,) :smiley:

Love it! Great job!

this is REALLY good considering you’re only 16! I need to step up my game lol

Thanks! I m glad u like it! :smiley:

He he best of luck of that!.. anyways thanks for ur words :smiley:

Amazing work!

Hey guys here is another version that i did HOPE U LIKE IT! :smiley:


thanks! :smiley: