A night of Wine and Whiskey. (My first project)

My first model ever, although I did a quick animation last week for my daughter where I “borrowed” all meshes and animated them with Blender. Let me know your comments! (pls be nice!)


Hey, that’s very nice! Did you render it with the blender internal renderer?

No, I used Yafray and HDRI to get nice lighting and reflections. It took 62 minutes to render on a 3GHz machine.

How can that be your first model?

How long have you been using blender for?

Thats incredible! Probably the best first model I’ve seen so far. Nice work. :wink:

b…b…b.but mine was pretty good too… … … Excellent for a first-timer. My only real complaint is the artifacts on the glass-holder-thingamabob.

Welcome to Elysiun! :smiley:

yah very n ice :smiley: esp for a first image, but i got some things to say :smiley:
ok the wine seems very thin, maybe a darker colour, the dark background makes it very hard to see anything but thats all i can think of very good glass btw

Fo sheezy.

That’s excellent. Aside from the shadow problems on the coaster and the repeating texture on the paper, it’s almost perfect. :slight_smile:

Simply amazing!

Amazing first work!

Thanks for the comments. I downloaded Blender a few weeks ago, but decided to postpone my first model untill I read the guide.

I had problems with the “ICE CUBES” those are the thingies that are in the glass! (Well, at least that’s what they were supposed to be) I just couldn’t get them right. So if anyone has the ice cubes parameters down, I’d appreciate it. Either too shiny, too dark, I wasn’t sure if to make them very reflective (Which is what I did) or very transparent, etc.

The wine color is too thin. I know, the bottle is a Californian Cabernet-Sauvignon, I should’ve put a Beaujolais bottle instead!


I think that is an incredibly impressive first model. I read the whole manual before I did my first model, and I couldn’t have put together anything near that good. One thing though, shouldn’t the wine be slightly translucent, seeing as how its a liquid?

The wine does have some level of transparency, but I guess since the background is dark and nothing is behind it, its hard to see. Although my French friends would say you shouldn’t been able to see through a bottle of GOOD Bordeaux.

I will be experiment placing two white walls behind it to see what that does.

Does anyone have an answer to how to setup the material for the Ice Cubes?

the wine looks like blood… it should be darker red… and the pens seem very identical… one of the pens should be layed on the table differently…

That proved to be an intelligent thing to do. You certainlly reaped the benefits of your decision.

I like your model of Newton’s Cradle, its great. I also like the pens, desk and paper. I think the wine bottle, wine glass, and ice are out of place in this render. Overall though, you do have a really nice composition.

I’d like to see you model ‘the notepad’ where the paper came from, or a book perhaps.

The render has a definite photorealistic quality. With HDRI you get natural lighting, but sometimes the refelctions are difficult to manipulate. You did a good job here. I’d like to see the non-chrome portions of the pen be a bit less reflective.

You have a very nice final render. Good luck, welcome to Elysiun and Blender. I’m looking forward to more works from you in the future.

…ouch. That just kicked everyone’s first models’ asses.