A ninja character

Hi all!

I have a big problem with a ninja character.
It’s not actually a 3D model of a ninja - that would have been cool :slight_smile: - but it’s a character that mysteriously disappears.
When I was working with Blender Internal Renderer, there were no problems. Everything was being rendered just fine.
First I noticed it when I tried to render the ninja in Cycles. There was nothing, like he’s not even there. Just for testing purposes, I set up a default cube next to him - it rendered perfectly. I don’t really know Cycles well, only that it’s cool and that I want to use it, so I thought - ok, maybe I need to turn on Cycles first and create a mesh later - so I tried to save my character and load it back from a file. That was the weirdest - I couldn’t even save that little bastard! The Testing Cube was in the file (I tried .3ds, .fbx and .obj), but the character wasn’t there…
What can I do to render the ninja in Cycles?.. I’m a complete n00b and I know it’s probably a stupid question that requires me to toggle some switch, or something, but I swear to God, I was fighting this for hours and nothing…
Please, help!

capturcuslolwtf.blend (819 KB)

I must say, I am really stumped here. The only way I could get it to render was to assign the mesh to another object ( i just used the cube that was sitting there ). the mesh for the ninja is called plane, so if you select the cube, and go to mesh buttons ( press the button that looks like a triangle in edit mode ), then where it says ‘cube’, click on the little arrows and select ‘plane’. the cube will turn into your ninja mesh. when you render, in cycles, you will see the new ninja, but not the old one. I do not know why the original one will not render though.

Thank you Modron, it worked, although it’s more of a workaround than an actual fix… This seems really weird. None of the “old” objects were working, I had to remake the eyes and the armature as well… There were also some more weirdness with materials and stuff, but I assume that’s just my noobishness :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot :smiley: