A Nissan 350Z for modeling improvement..

Hi blender out there!
Im modeling a Nissan 350Z just for fun, could any other thing, but I choose a car cuz I want (need/must) improve my modeling skills and a car have a good balance in easy and hard, every day I learn something new reading this forums and makeing tuts… this will go in progress cuz like I said I do other things on the way to learn that im missing… but I’ll finishit for sure. As allways crits, comments and all are wellcome :smiley:
Oh and remeber im kind of newbie in this amazing virtual world so dont be rude xD.

the car is just a few pieces hehe… i really dont care about details or textures, renders, etc… just the modeling thing. As you can see i need to fix the loops edge issue, plz if someone know about a good explained tutorial or guide about this tellme cuz i still dont getit very well, so i didnt yet.

Hope u likeit x)

The first pic is the wire, but have some graphical bugs so some lines dosnt appear, and the second is selfexplained xD


basic modelling is nice but you have to work on the edges.

As GE-FORCE said, your model is pretty good. For wire view, make sure that all edges are displayed. In edit mode, go to the “Mesh Tools 1” tab and select “All Edges”.

Tnkz ppl I didit and is more optimized now :slight_smile: I’ll continue work in the loop edges issue to make the next renders look better, updates commin :smiley:

Be well.

What’s wrong with the edges?
Ok, the corners could be a little more sharper, but overall nothing wrong.

Hi all.
Little update
I fix some of the edges and now is looking better. The door isnt done yet so dont worry about that :)…
I’ll check more in the overall wire and then join the door to the body… after that correct me if im wrong, I think the basic shape is complete, right?

What you think is the best part to continue? Any c&c are wellcome.


Hi. Plz help! i have no idea why that ugly lines appear :confused:
All was going fine, i tried to put some color and no problem, but then i rid of the color but those lines appear… i recalucate the normal but they just appear in other places :S
I dont want to continue til i can get rid of they cuz could be a big problem later, if anyone know what to do plz tellme :spin:


Looks like you need to manually flip some normals. Press F9 and turn on “Draw Normals” It will make it much easier to figure out which ones are reversed.

Tnkz!! nice help cmw, now is looking better :smiley: and was a lot of fix xD
Be well.

Well, this was a time for playing whit something else, practicing that i learn whit some tuts :). The side mirror is done, not the original and not a big thing but looks good… i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Also im cleanin the mesh right now… cuz as the pros say “less verts better mesh”

This was a wonderful week! My head is in a blender! :spin: and i dont want to get out!


Well these days I focus on clean the wires to get less tris and less polys overall, it have nicer edges now, sorry for no post a shot but I have the rim now! is my frist rim… was a lot of work and is still some wierd :o
I have a problem/question: i made the tire following this tutorial and everything is ok, but the size of my tire is very different of the rim and if I try to reduce the tire I get a mess, also if I did from the curvecircle (path of the tread). I can resize the rim instead but that way I need to resize all the other elements :S and I think is no a good idea (they get to dam big)
How I can reduce the size of the tire whitout getting strange results? :confused:

Hope im clear, sorry for my english.

Be well.

EDIT: Please give comments and crits about the work :smiley:


Woah! This rim is great work! Tell me, how do you get it all glittery?

Hi JESUSFRK14 tnkz for the comment.
Well I was tryin to make a nice metal rim but im kind of noob and my attempts were a really mess xD so I put a material from the Open Material Repository and the name is Brushed Metal… TNKZ!!! for all u people how contribute whit the repositry!!
I hope someday can do a node material like that but till then… :smiley: hehe

Be well.