A no poly model?

I was snooping around the net and reading a forum thread regarding low/high poly versus good textures. Someone said that final fantasyII used no polies.

Is that really possible and how would that be done? just 2D?

Thanks for the help, have a good day.

Lol Final Fantasy 2? Wasn’t that during the NES/SNES era? If so then yeah, FF2 didn’t use any polys :wink:

…but rather sprites, I’d guess. So, there is no 3D involved, indeed. Although, I’d not call that modeling anymore :smiley:

Yeah, whichever FF2 you’re talking about (there’s that whole thing where they skipped 2 and 3 in the US and called four two . . . originally, anyway), it’s 8-bit or 16-bit pixel graphics. FF6 had “3d” in the sense of “rotating scrolling ground plane” (that whole fancy “mode 7 scrolling” thing IIRC), but, I don’t think that used polys either ;D.

As to how they did it . . . um, a bit blitter-er?

But if you mean the FF movies, they used Nurbs. No polys



I didn’t see the movie, but here’s an article on the production. Sorry, I’m too tired to read through it tonight in detail, but it does sound like they did have at least some polygons!

But NURBS are made of polys anyway:) They just follow the curve perfectly.

Nurbs are different mathematical constructs then polygons, they’re basically mathematical surfaces. So Nurbs != Polygons.

If you mean any NES/SNES games they used sprites, not polygons, 2D games of the past didn’t use polygons.

Thanks all. I didnt really mean anything. Well I was wondering if there was a way to model without polies. Like the original poster said.

Sprites, lol. I like sprites.

I havent worked with surface nurbs yet.

Morpheus: You think that’s air you’re breathing?
Neo: You mean… I’ve got Nurbs!?!


Laughing, brought tears to my eyes…hmmmm will they make my windows for me?