A noob needs your help with a trivial animation!

Hi everybody,

so I’ve decided 5 days ago to start creating animations as I noticed that one of my favorite games (Sims 4) is actually allowing to add them to the game. However, I have a serious problem with an animation ‘cycle’.
Always when I try to do basic movement (for example breathing) I just can’t adapt it correctly. Everything turns out to be always robotic. My aim is to achieve a ‘bouncing’ effect like in this gif (sorry, don’t have a better pic that illustrates what I mean)–>


It looks like the elbows and the belly are going in circles. I literally tried everything to recreate this animation but I just couldnt’

I know that when you click on a bone, you can push ‘r’ one or twice to have different results/tools to work with. I even tried to drag the bones with ‘g’ which almost worked but it just wasn’t the same and in the end my rig ruined.

If it helps, here is the rig I use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vt6vezkpykbw53/YOURNAME_Animation_Name_male.blend?dl=0 .

Maybe somebody can help me here. Thank you for reading!