A noob question :s

Hello everyone, I’m new to the community. (but not to immature forum behavior :D) I can use Blender OK, but I’m trying to do finger animation on a character here and I accidentally tried to make him “roll” his fingers, but the space they took up was too small on the timeline and now it looks too fast in the animation and I have no idea how to undo it.

TL;DR: How do I undo an armature animation?

I’ve already saved, so rule out the undo button, and whenever I do alt+R on a frame and then come back to it it’s still the same as it was before for some reason… >_>

Thanks for helping!

Um… Hello? Can anyone help? =/

Put the rig in Pose mode, open the Action editor window, select the action with the “bad” finger rolls, delete all keyframes set on the bones of the fingers. You could also open the F-curve editor and delete the set keys in there as well.

Or instead of deleting them, you could select the “rolled” set of keys, and slide them along the time-line to increase the time between the “unrolled” and “rolled” poses to slow the timing. (hot-keys g + x)

If you have the poses you want, no reason to toss them out if all that needs changing is the timing. In fact, this is a common animation method… block out the poses on arbitrary equal frame counts (say… every 3 frames) just to get good working poses, then go back into the Action editor and slide sets of keys along the time-line to get the timing you want.