a not finished car

(sparc) #1

tell me what is wrong and how i can do it better.

my biggest problem is that i cant get a good looking glas material:(


1024 X 768 ver is here:


that are only testrenders, the carfront is not ready yet, the tires are ugly, and so on :slight_smile:

(S68) #2

It is cool, but it is terribly thicklnessless.

I mean, you can tell almost everywhere that it is a single, infinitely thin, surface. This is very evident on the top.

You usually get nicer result by modelling both the outside and inside surface, and by properly joining them.

I mean, modeling volumes, rather than surfaces.

Keep it up


(sparc) #3

hmm, but if i do an inside surface and join it with the outside surface I get very ugly edges.
I dont know how to do that.

(S68) #4

I hope you are using subsurf…

If this is the case, if you use only Quadrilateral (And not Triangles) you’ll get very nice edges.

Otherwise… It’s time to switch to subsurf :wink:

Keep it up!


(vetzeen) #5

Hi sparc, Im pritty new to blender myself, so i wont speak about blender speciffic stuff but i have some general 3d experience on other programs which might be applied directly to blender…

You said your biggest problem is on the glass material. I assume this is for the windows. Usually, for stills (i assume this project is for a still) you would want to use transparent textures (to replicate mirror effect reflection) for the car window, add a good amount of speculiarity and hardness to it. If you know how (for I certanly don’t in blender) adding multiple channels/textures for the glass would give better glass effects. One could be plain vector color, and the other, your reflective texture. Anyway, thats what i do using other programs.

Lastley, having a picture of a car infront of you, such as a magazine, etc. will make this process easier if you have those at hand.

If i may add another opinion, the lighting on the hood seems to bright. Im not sure if this is because of the textures or it is because of lights, but scince this is a test render, this statement might be completely invalid.

Keep up the good work.

(vetzeen) #6

I found this link and thought sky maps would be good reflections for both glass and paint. There are lot of high qual photos here I’m getting some myself.


(sparc) #7

thanks for the link, but i decided to keep the windows black until i finished the inside of the car.

(BgDM) #8

Nice start on the car. Looks very promising. I agree about the thickness issues brought up by S68. If you are using sub surf, extrude your edges inwards to the middle of the car a bit and then select a set of 4 verts along the edge and extrude again. This will make a nice hard edge that will also have a nice bevelled look.

For the glass, look here -> http://mysite.iptic.com/bgdm/glass.blend

That is my setup for glass. I use similar setups for chrome and metal looks as well, just without the ZTRANS on.

Hope that helps and keep up the good work.