A Not-so-subtle Advert for Blender and Luxrender

No subliminal messaging in this scene!

It’s been a while since I’ve finished a project, so I figured I should pump out something to work out the ol’ blender muscle. Several problems I have with this and I was wondering if I could get some advice:

  • The colors are so dull. Any suggestion to make it more exciting?
  • I didn’t want “Luxrender” to be repeating on the napkin, but didn’t find anything (not even in the nodes) to prevent Luxrender from doing this.
  • Speaking of napkins, I had some trouble getting the texturing right. Any suggestion for correct texturing? I used a matte texture and tried to give it a very tiny cloud bump map.

Any ideas?

1.) try using color references from photos and websites like colorschemedesigner.com to help you figure out the relationships between colors. also, a hue / saturation / contrast node in the compositor, sometimes with a color balance node too, can bring out colors. also, your lighting setup is not working as far a shadows go. the spoon looks like it’s hovering because there’s no shadow grounding it to the glass table. you could probably take the bump down on the glass table too.

2.) you need to UV unwrap the napkin properly, which should help you out.

3.) the image is small and i’m having a hard time making out the texture on the napkin at all. maybe increase the resolution?

DOF maybe?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about LuxRender, but…

The ground texture seems very flat and repetitive, so either a less repetitive one with bump or maybe DOF as suggested above to hide the fact?

Maybe you can find a darker ground texture with some weeds in it or something to get a little color and contrast, and maybe also make your light a tad bit warmer?

Does LuxRender support HDR environment maps for lighting?

Or introduce color with a piece of chocolate on the saucer that is wrapped in something colorful? I guess it will be difficult to make something like that not compete with the rest of the image.

Yes, a HDRi image is supported in luxrender, you can assign it to the hemi lamp. Then the rotation of the hemi lamp will determine the rotation of the hdri.

You should create a square image as if its the top of the napkin with the luxrender image in the middle and rotated.

You will want the napkin to be UV unwrapped the smart UV.project should work.