A orientation / trial driving game demo


I combined an experimental driving game demo .blend file for the public testing.

Game play
The player start’s above green home platform, next of the giant green home pylon marker. Once the player drop down to the ground level, the timing clock starts ticking.

The player need to find & drive to in free order the preset ORANGE, RED, WHITE, BLUE and YELLOW Turn-Point(TP) pylons and collide with them. The TP-pylons will disappear after successful check/collision.

Once all TP-pylons are checked, the player need to drive back to the green home platform, at giant green home pylon, which will stop the timing clock.

Driving style and penalties
The roll-overs and turn help requests (a- & d-keys) are causing a time penalties.

The player can see the result in top-left corner (debug properties).

Difficult levels
The player can move the TP-pylons more apart and difficult places. Also the player can adjust the terrain roughness with Terrain-object Z-axis scaling, to get more challenge.

The Terrain-object Z-axis scaling value 500 and above will give a real challenge for the route planning and driving style. The low gear(q-key) will be your friend.

The game controls
Mouse = Views & vehicle steering
Mouse Left Button = release the viewing from the steering
W-key = Drive forward
S-key = Drive backwards
Q*-key = Low/High gear toggle
A/D-keys = Turn help request. Only at zero speed, when upside down.

The .blend file you can find from here:

The vehicle physics with steering etc system & car model by Raiderium:

The terrain is based to the brontosaurus method:

The sky dome is made by the Nikolay740:

The tires are made by the Dilopho DD:

The game idea, game play setup & minor adjusts by the Xjazz

Happy jumping and safe landings :eyebrowlift:


post a better link to the .blend.

What’s the problem with the .blend link?


Made a small update with a free mouse view option and textured tires.

Please, let me know, if you have a problems with the download link.


The latest version seems to have free view mode a coding bug.

Any advice how to fix it?

Any help with mouse free view mode error?

Heeey, this is fun!

Um, what’s the problem with the mouselook?

Yes, it’s pretty fun to jump over those ridges :smiley: You can control your ‘flying’ attitude nicely with throttle-key

If you Z-axis scale the terrain up to the 500+, then you real need to start to think a route up.

I was thinking the mini game, which contains the given ‘trail track’, the rally course and of course a tarmac track circuit.

This would need a different car chassis- & drive-settings:

  • A soft and tall chassis with 4- wheel steering & driving for the trial terrain.
  • A medium chassis with 4- wheel driving & 2-wheel steering for the rally terrain.
  • A hard & low chassis with 2- wheel driving & 2-wheel steering for the tarmac circuit terrain.

Mouse view issue
I added a ‘free mouse look’ to the ATV. It works with left mouse button and allows you to look around without steering effect. It cause an error and I don’t know how to fix it :no:

This is nice!

P.S. but I would suggest you to finished what you started - airplane game.

The point is that you have to choose level of realism and stick to you. As we say in Russia : a way (road) to perfection can be endless and perfect is an enemy for good. What I am trying to say it would be very useful at least for some people here if you can make a complete (within some realism level) avia sim: vehicle setup when airplane is moving over runaway, than lifting up, the flight, landing, crashing, several cameras mode etc like in for instance IL-2 sturmovik.

BTW, here is my new preliminary setup http://www.gameblender.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1406


А у Вас?

Thank you for your ATV feedback.

The Raideruim’s engine just screamed to me ‘Add that darn terrain!’ and I added also a simple game play just for fun. I learned few useful things same time :slight_smile:

Don’t worry there, since I’m still working with the FDM4BGE-project. Actually I took a hint from your words about the simplification :yes:

I’m coding a new FDM based to the Maximum Theoretical Force idea, which is making a code much more simple. Okey, there are some vector math issues, which are causing a problems :eek:

Your demo is looking very good. The complete rolls and loops need some tuning.

Do you still have this demo available?


Here’s a version with the free look thing.