A paint tube

A paint tube. Rendered with ambient oclusion. A little postpro and text done in The Gimp. http://3d.frieze.dk/final.png

It where in the start my goal to make it photoreal, but i dont think i reached the goal, but i like the result anyways.

A lot of people say their model is going to be photo-real, but I’ve only seen two or three Blender models that are photo-realistic (or close enough) in all the work I’ve looked through. So I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

If you wanted to make it look more realistic though, the tube should have some sharp creases in it, and definitely a large logo on the body.

It looks good, though.

I think i maybe some day when i get the time will make it a logo/label. And the sharp creases could be made with increasing some of them with shit+e?

But i dont think this is ever going to be something near photoreal, im still new in blender and both my pacience and my skill dont reach that far.

I think shift-e might be a better idea… :wink: