a (Painting PROGRAM) !!! ...... Paint Guru 0.001

some paintings







Is this a blend file or an exe. Please specify. This can be very frustrating for people that are more interested in how something was done, or don’t use windoze.

Blend in rar archive

that mouse icon looks FRIGHTFULLY similar to the CDO mouse icon…


this cursor is from the mmorpg game

i ripped the textures with an application called
exrtactor by nova soft

i don’t use a ripped textures

but that is a cursor no more …


if you don’t want me to use your cursor then tell me

but that is silly to talk abuot it is a 15*15 image

sorry, but your painting program is not the 1st one made in Blender, I’ve seen one 2 or 3 years ago.

I was about to say the same thing…

I dont need to say anything…quoting will do just fine.

What’s silly is stealing a mouse cursor texture that can be created in about 2 minutes in a paint program.

Anyway no hard feelings, your paint program is pretty cool.