A particle effect related question.[ANSWERED]

I know that the only way to create particle effects in blender is to fake them (a plane with a particle texture, to turn with the camera), but I was wondering:

Would it be more efficient (performance wise), to use triangles instead of planes, for the particle textures? I figure one less vertice for the cpu to worry about. Right?

Or is there a reason why that wouldnt be so?

Thank you.

Logically, it would actually mean one less face to worry about, since quads are seen as two tris. And yes, it seems like it would work. The problem is it would be harder to map the texture and get scaling right.

Well, first of all a vertex has almost no effect on the framerate. It is a virtual point in 3d space. A face does effect the framerate, because you can see it.

But getting rid of these few faces makes very little difference.

A quad is a more efficient shape to put a texture on, and the logic needed to track the halo to the camera uses more cpu power than 1 extra face, I think.


Toomai> Thank you for the clarification. Your right, it would be harder to map the textures to a triangle than a square, but im not looking for anything graphically stunning. All that I am looking for is the best/smoothest/fastest performance that I could possibly get.

Victor> I understand what you are saying, but I don’t understand what you mean by “very little difference”. As Toomai has said: “a quad is seen as two tri’s”, so wouldn’t having one less tri technically reduce the cpu strain by half (for the particle effects anyway)?

Thanks for your help.

Look, it’s simple…Using 1 triangle instead of 2 cuts the strain in half, but I was looking at the big picture.

A professional big scale project uses thousands of polygons to make a level, 100 triangles more or less makes -like I said- ‘very little difference’. In my new project ‘Earth Commando’ a level has an average of 40.000 faces.

Theoretically, if you would like to use a hundred or thousand fake halo’s, the extra tri’s need less cpu power than the logic needed to have these halo’s track the camera.


victor> I understand what you meant now.

Even if the logic to have the halo’s turn with the camera is more cpu demanding than extra faces, less faces is still a help (however little that help may be in the big picture).

Thank you for your help.