A Pathway in the Forest.

My result from week 9 of the Nature Academy. Two versions of color grading, which one do you guys like better?


I like the 1st on better :smiley:

1st one, definitely

I like the 2nd one

Nice work, so far, but I am not really buying those puddles. They look too mirrory. I imagine they are only a couple of inches deep yet they have a render as if they are deep pools. Need more falloff around the edges to see the mud below.

I’m in between. The first one has a nicer atmosphere, where as the second one is overall a bit more illuminated. It’s a pitty to invest so much time into modeling the details in the forground which are barely visible, but that’s life as an artist I guess.

Looks very cool congratulations! i think that I liked the first one too, I cant say the first is way better than the seccond but I liked it a little more.

Thanks to everyone for their input. Between you guys and my friends on facebook I have to agree I like the first one better aswell, and that is the one posted on my DeviantArt. @Atom, I agree with you and I’ll see if I can make that look a bit better. Appreciate it :slight_smile: