a pawn with a problem

well, the pawns are back, doing duty in a ten second club anim.
This is the finished september version, howver, the deadline was extended, so I’m gonna tweak the animation and rigs, and render in aqsis

PS- title is monument to the unknown pawn

Great job, man! My work computer doesn’t have speakers, so I can’t say much about the lipsync, but the animation and camera framing is all solid. How long did the render for this take you? Did you do it at this res, or go full-frame and scale it back?

well, the lipsync could be better actually… it looks nice, but it doesn’t really seem to fit when you listen to audio :slight_smile: I don’t know exactly why.

movements were nice…

eyes looked strange too.


first: amazing work! Is that renderd in the aqsis intergration to blender or was it exported?
second: the big lebowski is one of my favorite movies!!!

Looks good, I really like your skin shaders.

Lip sync seems a bit off. I think its mostly at the parts where the lips should come together for M’s, P’s, and B’s, it seems that those sounds aren’t being defined.

I also think I see a lazy eye on right character. I was actually trying to figure out a way to keep eyes lined up myself.

When the main char say’s “he’s fragile” his face is totally obscured by shadow so you can’t really see his lips.

Hope these crits help, bare in mind i dont know much about animation :slight_smile:

This looks way better than my current 10sec club entry. Since they extended the deadline I’m going to just do a new one.

Animation is technically okay, except for the lipsync things sbgump told you about. The problem I’m having though, is the one that basse probably was talking about.
I’m learning basics of animation now, and everyone says that you need strong poses and silhouettes. This one misses that somehow. Furthermore, the poses aren’t really expressing what is being said. When I’d try to animate this, I would do body motion first, and see if it fits the animation. Only after that I would bother with facial animation…

well, that’s just my humble opinion… I know it’s too late to change it, but it might be something to keep in mind for the future.

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@ner; this is just blender internal. I’m gonna do an aqsis version after I fix the anim problems.
animation critics: all correct- excpet for the lazy eye- not sure about this one since the eys are just constrained with copyrot.
lipsync: need to define the consonants and do more tongue poses.
poses- aren’t too strong, but they’re oka
aniamtion- floaty stuff- It’ll read much better when I get some snap into it
d dead stuff- some of the animation is not filled in yet.
keep the crits coming- A second version will be made.
oh yeah, good point about the light- the lighting also wierds out the eyes- they look more lively in opengl mode.

What has aquais got as a renderer?
(not an insult to aquais just not understanding)

aqsis is a renderman compliant reyes renderer- similar to pixar’s prenderman- It doesn’t do raytracing or gi, but its advantages (aqsis’s) are in micropoly displacement, renderman shaders, motion blur and dof effects.
I’m going to do this render as a test of the renderman engine, and its blender (tuhopuu) interface.

Nice animation, but I noticed that the eyes have very strong reflections on them. Is this right? Because they look very strange.

What are renderman shaders?

What are renderman shaders?[/quote]

Check out these links to learn a bit if you’re interested:



@wiggie: too much spec (spec spec only lights) I’ll switch to more subtle envmaping
@jedi dawn: see above :wink:

Nicely done!

During the first line, I think there’s generally too much movement. The silver pawn sways a lot, which is kinda disorienting since there’s not much other information to tell you if the camera is stationary or not. The red guy’s head also reacts too much (in my opinion) to the hand on the shoulder. I really love the second shot, although the camera may be lowered a bit for slightly better composition.

In the third shot… is the camera supposed to be jittered by the silver guy dropping to the ground? If so, I think that could be more subtle. The camera also rocks one way and not the other. If you did both, less extremely, it may work better.

Overall, I think the shots feel a bit tight. Like, too claustrophobic. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s cause there’s 3 characters so close together when their environment seems infinite.

All this needs is a bit of polishing. Great models, shaders, and animation! I wish I were that good.


thanks effstops- good points
the camera jiggle I’ve been toning down- was a lot more to begin with.
the shots got progressively tighter as I worked. I was paranoid that, at the 320by240 resolution the competition stipulates, you wouldn’t be able to catch the facial perfomances- so I started moving the camera (and the charcters) closer.
I’ll probably stick to these shots for now- most of the animation is tailored to them, won’t work as well from other angles.
The head motion in the first shot is just bad; I have the poses I want (pretty much) but the animation is all floaty. Didn’t get around to fixing that yet.
I’ll see if I can improve the composition of the second shot a bit.