A peace piece

Something I started and that I’m still working on. I’m not satisfied yet, I need to give it a better texture.http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/9854/peacepiecestem.png

what is it?
or is it just a thing?
anyway, get rid of the blue background, cause it’s killing it

its a drug pipe xD

The model looks nice. Glass is something I’ve played with a lot and it really is tough to get right.

But yes, lose the default blue background, maybe put it sitting on a flat surface and get some shadows going. Doing caustics with this would be awesome too. Then if you want you can try doing some fluid animation and smoke/particle animation to add a little more. I think it would look nice as-is though too!

Where’s the weed! :ba:

Its flower vase with a easy fill single flower stem attachment near the base.

made of pyrex IOR 1.474 for reference

need some water to prevent harsh tokes.

lol 21st century

there are only two spots looking kinda stretched out… maybe add some verts there?

@spacetug Yes like it was said, it’s my not so great attempt at a glass water pipe that operates with a slide instead of a carborator. I’ll fix the blue background.
@rundown Sure is =P
@H3X Mm yeah, glass is really tricky for me right now, I just can’t seem to get it to look right at all for this model. Should I add screenshots of the actual mesh? I would love to add water and smoke once I have a glass texture I can be happy with. I plan on this being part of a scene with a table and various other smoking paraphernalia. I’m not sure what caustics are, forgive my ignorance, but I’ll search the forums and find out.
@Some Funky Dude I wasn’t sure if that would be allowed on here to be honest.
@Skateboardkid Yush, definitely needs some water so it doesn’t make someone hack up a lung.
@simulakrum Do you mean the area around the stem? Or maybe the tube area?

Thank you for all the comments, I’ll do my best to improve it.

This is also called a bong! :smiley: .(no i dont smoke weed but im around people that do XD)

I’m having trouble getting the cylinder portion to refract light properly. I’ve been playing with the IOR and alpha, now I’m wondering if it’s the inside of the bong messing with the refraction. Hopefully from the mesh picture it’s easy to tell that the model has an inside and an outside. The ends of the spheres extend up and are parallel. I joined two cylinders to the base, I’m not sure if that was the best thing to do. I have yet to do anything with caustics since I can’t figure out how to fix my problem.


I used to blow glass and the wall thickness stays even top to bottom its the even thickness of the glass that contributes to its strength. If there is a much thicker section near a thin section and something hits the glass, the resonance stops at the thicker section and shatters the glass.

In your wires it should be the same thickness top to bottom on the fish tank part - if you were to blow that you would condense the bottom of the tube down and get it insanely hot and then blow it out as even as possible - then flatten the bottom of the bubble instead of adding the base. COming from a glass blowe rand avid user of such device it is very nice to see.

Looks like too much refraction.

on any of the glass i’ve owned the base comes down into a cylinder off the flattened bottom edge, this cylinder then sits inside a base, typically rubber for no sliding :stuck_out_tongue:

Glass bases tend to get chipped and be very bottom heavy so you might want to think about this.

And once again a 3D-bong lacking the nessecary hole… Why seems anyone always to forget about that? Or is it just the fact, that this might be difficult to model?

greetings, Kologe

“attempt at a glass water pipe that operates with a slide instead of a carborator”

carborator being the carburation port, aka the little hole :stuck_out_tongue: