A personal jet powered mobility device

Pretty much got the basic shape right. Will eventually make a rider for it but still have a lot of super-detailing to do first


here it is with the intake gates fitted. These are linked to the throttle and open/close according to engine speed. There are three of them - the top one opens upwards and it then sits under the framework beneath the handlebars.



I think the wings need to be longer. It doesn’t seem possible those would make enough lift. Maybe make them retract like a jet fighters wings. A tail spoiler would negate the force applied on the the nose.

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Reminds me a lot of the old playstation game Jet Moto. Will be interested to see it with all the trimmings. Nice post.

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So is this supposed to fly or go really fast on land?
Interesting contraption tho… practicality wise however, it might not be :wink:

The wings provide only a small amount of lift. It has 7 jet nozzles - one big fixed one at the rear for forward propulsion and 3 moveable ones on either side for lift and control (a bit like a Harrier jet). I’ll eventually rig the side nozzles so that they swivel and open and finally I’ll use a particle system to do jet blast out of them. I’ve also done some “gates” for the intake which open/close (still not sure about them though - I’ll post a movie showing them in operation…). It’s not meant to be 100% realistic just 90% believable.

I’m also not sure about the little ray “guns” pointing out from under the front fairing - I think it needs something there (visually speaking) but probably something a little less “star wars-ey”

VTOL like a a Harrier jet

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Oh – nice model. Suzuki Gixxer meets one of the forest speeders from return of the Jedi.

Very cool…I want to take it for a spin if I may.

Very awesome. I played around with an idea like this a few years ago, but I couldn’t find a design I was happy with. This is really nice.