a photo i took on my recent trip through the solar system...:)

heres a render that took me a full twenty-four hours to complete. (not the rendering, the translating from the 2.4 tut to my 2.5 way of doing things). the tut was a nightmare but i finally went through it with a fine tooth comb and came up with this.

lemme know what you think.

Comes out a bit flat and the yellow line around the edge looks like a bug. I think you can do better. You should play around a bit with the materials I think.

thanks for the suggestion, you have better eyes than i do. i didnt even see that line. Its the last sphere thats supposed to be a fall off of the atmosphere. im playing around with the ramp now. It is producing some hectic yellow distortion on the clouds.

any suggestions as to how i can make it more 3d? bearing in mind that im stil learning.

Heres my attempt at making it a bit more life like. im not sure if i suceeded but i got rid of that yellow buggy thing

My crit would be that the left side is completely dark. Look up the night time pictures from nasa and place them on the left. oh and almost no stars. In space you would see countless b/c of lack of atmosphere

here i did it fr ya: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=896

or better yet make a dramatic angle, like these pictures

This guy did a good job…http://sanmonku.deviantart.com/art/Planet-Earth-86403460

ive actually got the night map on the first sphere but i turned it off untill i got round to making it work. its still very much a W.I.P.

the stars will be put in, i know its one click, but i thought it was a minor detail taht i could do later when everything is how i want it.

thanks for the input!

heres some with the night map…sunset on asia.

lower focal length…

now to add the sun

The image is distorted but besides that I think you need a little more sun on the earth. Try adding a photo of the stars in the background instead of blender generated stars, to give it more life. something like http://www.wallpaper4me.com/resize_wallpaper.php?id=3706 but you might need to fix it up a bit.