a photorealistic(?) Ship-Animation with Birds

For a (experimental) shortmovie I am working on I did an animation of a ship. It is evening, we hear seagulls, camera points down from a great height, coming near the ship, tilting down to the black sea (thats the point were I cut it to real footage shot from a real ship). After that shot we jump inside the boat and the soundlayer (seagulls, horn) tells us we are now inside the ship. So you can say it is an establishing shot that should:
-set the mood for the film
-tell people were the rest of the action takes place
-what time of day it is

I think it worked out quite well, but now its your turn ; )
You can wath the video on youtube - watch in 1080p if supported:

People said “whow that guy must have rich parents for him to hire a helicopter” :RocknRoll: But what does your (more trained) eyes think? And the seagulls - are they realistic enough (first time using bones, first time using boids - in fact it is my first serious blender thing I did). I am not sure. Also I don’t know if the sea is okay without foam (just didn’t get it ‘right’ with my cycles shading).

What do you guys think?

Edit: Color corrction is not finished

First part is too dark. Can really tell what im looking at. Also the waves don’t seem to change or maybe just change too slow. The last shot looks really good. And i didn’t see any birds. Nvm i found them. Good god are they tiny in that shot.

Should be quite dark yes. Watched it on our cinemaprojector in university (I study film) and on my calibrated monitor it ooked also quite good - bit on the darker side but It is as intended. Maybe I should brighten it up to make it more compatible you’re right.
For Birds switch to 1080p ; ) They are not important, just a fancy detail…

Edit: Asked a few other persons whose monitors I know - they meant slightly brighter would be better - so thanks for your feedback : )

Is this suppose to be far out at sea? If so there would be no seagulls.

I agree with the way too dark statement. I found it interesting because I plan on using a similar effect in my next 48 hour film project film.

Shouldn’t be too far outside - but I witnessed Seagulls following Ships to traverse “longer” paths (3h+) so it seems possible to me. Although I don’t really know why they do this.

Ok I will make it brighter - good its renderd in .exr ; )

Biggest thing I notice is that that ship isnt really bobbing up and down at all. Even with not much swell this should be noticable, I think a little more motion in that regard would help enormously.

There’s something strange with the sky. Is the cloud cover too low? Also, fading to black and up again means some time has passed between the two scenes. That probably isn’t your intention here?

Yeah Clouds are pretty low, in a week or so I get my new machine then I will give it a new try (lighter, maybe play around with the clouds, stonger movment/tilt of the ship as Sazerac stated). The fade as actually a bit to long (begins to early) - I just wanted to add some metaphysical component to it - Water is like another character in this film almost symbolizing fear and danger (mostly via sounddesign).

So we start with the sky and the ship and then turn our attention to the water, which is like a blind mirror, not showing us anything (too dark, which would be also realistic if such a scene was shot with a camera without pulling the aperture). Then the water, the horn is near (we’re on the ship), Birds are near.

I think for me it’s just this feeling of ‘going inside’ - I first tried to use this shot without tilting down on the water, but it lacked something I wanted in the scene. Like “yeah this is a ship it’s all beautiful but it is not only a ship - it is not only a ship becaus we look at it other than a normal ship”.

But well thats maybe to much without knowing were the film takes of (it is an quite experimental approach to narrations - not a classical Hollywoodstyle movie).

I agree that:

  • the first shot is too dark,
  • the ship should react to the waves, and
  • in the final, shot we should see the motion of the ship here as well since the camera is ‘mounted’ just in front of the stern rail and, being locked down on the ship, would bob up and down with the waves. You might want to select a wide angle lens for this shot so you can do a ‘realistic’ wave action without making the audience seasick.

Oh the second shot is not CG, I shot it a year ago in Instanbul so there is no way I can change it, but could post some wiggle into it… dunno its also slowmotion so maybe I’ll just keep it as it is.