A picture based on the love I had for another person...

I made this like 5 months ago, couldn’t render it, got my new awesome Core i7 Enterprise grade build, and rendered it a month ago.

I do feel like a noob posting this, but then again, I am one compared to a lot of you guys on here.
This is kinda me putting my feelings into a picture. It’s me wanting to tell this girl that she meant everything to me. But now she has kinda betrayed me in one of my hardest times, so I will most likely dedicate another piece to that girl, though it probably won’t be that positive of an image.

So here it is… http://zonuz.deviantart.com/art/The-things-that-kept-us-alive-391781788
(Had to post the DA link since BA didn’t want to upload my pic.)

Bear with me, this is a new style i tried mixed with low-poly, cartoon-ish paper kinda look and pixel based look.

It’s nice. Even for a lowpoly render it’s very well done. In fact the art style could be used for a kid’s show of some sort.

That’s actually where i got some of the inspiration from.
That, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft where probably the ones kicked through in my head when I made this. :smiley: