A piece of life

Ok here is my newest project. I’m halfway to finishing it, I’ll i want from you guys right now is to suggest a method of making a wet simulation for the beach, as you can see the water and the sand don’t seem to meet naturally so thats what i need from you thank you in advance, and what you think of it so far of course lol.

The beach is not finished either, the waves look weird right now to, i’m starting to work on it so don’t might it too much lol.

And finally… Don’t worry i don’t know what it means either lol.


You might have to paint your textures manually, blender doesn’t have anything like this yet, I don’t think. If you need help with figuring it out or painting it, I’d be happy to. I’d be happy to help with the water material, too, if you like.

yeah i’ll appreciate it very much.

so are you going to make a little tutorial for me or what are you going to do?

Well, basically, where the waves approach the beach, the wavelets should disappear and there should be a lot of smooth ripples paralel to the beach. if you’re using procedural textures, you can get something like a musgrave texture stretched out or something and blend it in with a gradient. A note on the water, I don’t think the fresnel effect on it is strong enough, you might want to crank it up a notch.

Then you would have to paint a few maps for your sand. You’d need a raymir (for the reflections) map and a ref (for the amount of light reflection) map, both the same thing, because when sand gets wet it gets darker and the water on it reflects light. You’d also have to smooth out the ripples in the sand where the waves have touched it, too.

I hope this gets you started.