A Pill For Every Ill

I’m working on wrapping this scene up after a few days of working on it.

But, I always like to get some suggestions and criticism on my work before adding the finishing touches.

I’m open to all suggestions!


A quick update with some texture and lighting changes.


the specular shader of the words needs more smoothness

i think the lighting on the first one was better… a brighter background makes for more contrast. but dude, lol that’s a horrible concept…

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yeah I made it cause this is the concept that big pharmaceuticals want us to adopt. Instead of making ourselves healthy through exercise and a healthy diet, they’d rather have us pop a pill.

that is sadly familiar… the other issue is that most of them have side effects… for example, depression pills cause obesity which, in effect, causes depression… sad cycle… well i suppose i shouldn’t start here or i’ll piss the mods… :slight_smile:

Here’s an update with some motion blur, DoF, a little vignetting, and the AO smothed out. I’m thinking I may be done and just need to up the resolution, anti-aliasing and motion blur samples.

Unless of course anyone else has some suggestions.


Another update after some SSS and some other tweaks. Left the motion blur off this one to save a couple hours.


Hey, great work so far.

My only thought is that the text doesnt feel right. it kind of stands out arqwardly in my opinion. probably just a question of taste but maybe try a different font or something i dont know. just my opinion i guess lol

Anyway man good job keep it up :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve not been satisfied with the font style. But, I can’t seem to find anything that looks better :frowning:

And thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

im sure you know of loads of sites, but Dafont.com is good though i dont know how well blender will take alot of them. most are free for non commercial some for anything.

maybe it will help :slight_smile:


Yeah I searched there and picked the one up I’m using but it’s the only one that looks reasonably well.

Thanks for suggesting though!

After a few more tweaks, unless someone makes another suggestion I think it’s done so I’ll start a final render since it’s gonna take 15+ hours.

If you have a suggestion though I’m not against stopping it!

You definitely have to work on composition. I would take all of the pills out of the air and put them on the floor plane.

The problem with taking the pills out of the air is that it leaves the scene looking empty and boring.

After a grueling 130 hours and 27 minutes something went wrong and it decided it was done rendering -_- it only needed 30 more minutes to get the last done but it just stopped calculating motion blur. So I’m hoping to do a quick render with much less motion blur and combine the 2 in photoshop to fix the dark squares it left :frowning:

High res available here. http://imageshack.us/f/828/pillsss.png/