A pilot - Texturing WIP

Here’s a 50’s era warplane pilot I plan to include in some works I have pending, especially a MiG-15. Right now I’d like advice on the texturing. ¿What should I do to make him look more real?

Here are some views (copy and paste the urls):

I already found some mapping errors, will be working on that.

I also have the texture maps, in case I could receive some advice on them:

I think they are correctly applied, one on Col, one on Nor, and the last one on Spec and Csp.

Critics, comments and help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Looks nice, but i dont like the specularity… i know its suposed to be like that, but it looks like plastic a little.

I agree. The specular is a bit strong. It should be there for sure, seeing that it is supposed to be leather. But it should be less intense.

The leather image texture you have used is not seamless, as can be seen by the colour map. Try and find a higher resolution one, or a seamless one. That will help over all as well.

Great texture work though.


Here’s an update:

http://www.geocities.com/albipach/pics/piloto_texture_test_06.jpg (copy & paste)

I reduced the spec a little (except in the boots, I thought they could be shinier), fixed some distortions and added the shirt texture. I guess it’s almost finished, maybe I could change the leather texture as BgDM suggested (didn’t find any good one though, the one I’m using may not be perfectly seamless but I think it passes), and model a harness.
Suggestions and critiques welcome, as always.