A Place Called Botland

This is a setting I am using for a comic that I am making for friends and stuff, mostly a learning experience to hone skills. I’ve been working on this setting for probably a month off and on, adding, deleting, adjusting and whatnot. I’m going for a sharp edges low poly look, nothing is supposed to be smooth. I am just looking for maybe some feedback on what looks good so far what should change, maybe some ideas for materials on the roofs or trees.

Here are some samples and my AO settings

I love the exaggerated cartoony look, well done.

Good luck with the rest!

A tiled gradient for Normal map of shingles on the roof?

What are the red things? Flowers? It almost looks like presents under the Christmas tree.

The house could use a window and maybe a chimney (for a more rustic look).

Maybe a texture to give definition to the branches.

In Botland the inhabitants are called Bots or maybe Botians.Just in case they are called Bots - I’m sure a do-gooder called k Bot could go around doing good deeds and become really famous.

Nice image by the way - I like!

In Botland the inhabitants are called Bots or maybe Botians.Just in case they are called Bots - I’m sure a do-gooder called k Bot could go around doing good deeds and become really famous.

Actually, the sole inhabitant of Botland is a Botbot named… well… Botbot.
He has a pet Snuplupper he named Dumpling.
He found him after entering a deep depression that was caused from having to bury the only other Botbot he had found.
The other Botbot was programmed as a Killbot, yes this is in the really bad comic I made so technically its true ahaha waiting for the renders to come back with the changes I made. Will be posting shortly.

A killbot… a… kbot… woah… thats freaky…

Oh common man, I said your image nice (and it is) and for this you have to make kbot cool and good. But it is your story after all and you decide whether the Botbot called kbot’s karma kauses konflikt.

small changes

-unevened the fence beams and tops (to break up duplicated look)
-raised gate (haha it clipped into ground)
-windows on both houses
-slanted chimney(thinking about detailing a bit more)

Thank you neon starlight for the chimney and window ideas
I was actually working on windows as I read your post :smiley:

I’m very bad with normal mapping so I may tile the roof with single tiles unless anyone would be willing to help me understand how to tile it, I understand the concepts, I know how to bake normal maps for things like creatures using Multires but its just a bit beyond my skill to do something from scratch. (but hey the whole reason I’m doing this is to learn :)"

And I didnt quite understand what neon meant by defining branches as a texture , I wouldnt know how that could work well on the low poly flat surfaces im using hah.

lol I don’t know much about normal mapping either, just that it works.
Actually it’s next on my list of things to learn.

And with a UV, it should work on low poly as well. I think.

If I happen to find anything specific that will help, I’ll let you know.

A nice stone path would go well from building to gate. Love the style - the buildings are great!

I think the chimney would look better vertical, and perhaps a little out of square.
(Angled edges, like the rest of the scene.)

Just wondering, what happened to this thread? I was looking forward to some updates. You were on a roll.

haha sorry, i had to put aside updating the details to work on storyboards and puttin together more comics,
also school just started for me so i have to get used to my days and try not comin home exhausted it may be a bit before the setting and characters are updated
that doesnt mean they out of site and mind ahah just being used for the actual comic and such for a while before i take em back to overhaul stage. ill start posting pictures of the characters soon, im planning on reconstructing them next ahah

Those colors in the windows look superb with the grey buildings, but they do not fare well with the rest of the scene.

You should add some of those thick, rounded, cartoony flowers.

Nice very smooth looks cool

I like the cartoon style very much. Looking forward some update.