a place for your work (.blend, pics, movies), interrest?

Hi all,

usually im some freaky nerd, with this i operate a network of 10 servers. a few days ago i started to make some simple blender stuff (i was interrested in 3d stuff since i saw cinema4d on a friends amiga 8 years ago) cuz i had some sparetime. i got the domain blenderspace.net with a win2k3 server and a 500GB storage system in the back (usually i operate BSD, Solaris and linux servers, but i also use this system for webdesign etc.).

My plan is to offer “FREE” space without any advertising for .blends, movies and pictures with a blender-background to the community over a easy to use interface. But before i go into the programming work i want to know if any1 want such service (there will be no filesize limits but its only for blender related work) and of course if someone want to help me to keep a eye on this.



There are those who already provide a similar service to the Blender community who would probably be very open to your contacting/dialoging with them on this topic. The one elYsiun person I know of is Alltaken who runs the Mudpuddle gallery service which “operates in conjuction with” (don’t know a better way to put this… sorry…) two other services, Sixmonkeys and Apieceofstring.

Having more server space/bandwidth for videos/animations would be a great asset to this community, tho! Thanks for the kind offer! Keep us informed of how things go with this!

yeah maybe, but im not only talkin about pictures but mainly about .blends etc. (there are hundres of image gallery services…)

AFAIK mudpuddle/sixmonkeys/apieceofstring also hosts .blend files

sound like a good idea though


Not having my own website, I would definitely be interested in a place to post blend files and animations. Oh yes indeed … :slight_smile: