a plane modelling

im new in blender, so i try to do modelling on my spare time. i draw the sketches then put the design on blender. i try to build this plane as detail as i could, then suddenly i realize that it would need another hard work on the unwrap. T.T

comments and critiques are welcome, i dont know whether my workflow is right or not cause i joined all the meshes into one object.

thanks. :slight_smile:


Looks pretty cool. Is blender your first 3D application? If so, it’s pretty good for a beginner. You may want to have a look at the subsurf modifier for some parts, such as the cockpit/canopy. Also, merging everything into one mesh probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but you should still be able to pull off the texturing stage.

Looking forward to more progress.

before blender i use maya and xsi, but im not a modeller. im animating characters. so, this is new experience for me in modelling.

thanks for the advice, i keep some older version that has the mesh apart. i’ll tweak abit. by doing so, will it make my work easier?

The advantage of having multiple objects is that each separate element can be focused on individually at the texturing stage, which should be less overwhelming than attempting to unwrap everything at once to a single texture. Also, if you use subsurf on a squarer part you may have trouble unless you add tons of edgeloops, so having separate objects allows you to subsurf only those parts that need it.

aa… i see. wow, that’s lots of info you got there. thanks dude!!


pretty awesome…

so are you gonna make the cockpit then? you are playing with details, so i dont see why not :slight_smile:

Wah om very-very Amazing…gile ternyata om ramdhan mempersiapkan karya yang beuh…Amazing…aku suka detailnya…di detailin lagi om…ditunggu kelanjutanya.:yes:

add some mesh on the wing n several parts.


@johantri : i dont think i have enough time to give details on the cockpit… T.T thanks anyway…^^

@lycanthrope : thanks.

@Riefki : i try to finish this as detail as i could.

you can always go and separate the mesh into separate pieces by selected the pieces and pressing p and choose selected fromt he popup. If the pieces are disconnected on the mesh level (mean they are not connected by edges) then L is your friend in Editmode. It selects only linked pieces.

thanks musk, nice technique. looks like i dont have to use my old files to separate the mesh. i also add some mesh on the rear of the plane. need a lil bit more details so then i could start texturing. hope it’ll finish this week.